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    Front Hellwig Sway Bar Install

    Try flipping the bar. (move the end you have on the right side to the left side) Compared to mine the bar is reversed.
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    Input on upgrading exhaust

    Carven Progressive is Aggressive and obnoxious. Very loud in a short amount of time. Yes there is some drone. Fun around town... Miserable on a trip.
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    Carven Progressive Exhaust review (pics/vids)

    Carven progressive muffler gets louder and louder. After two months, got so loud I removed it. Almost as loud as my neighbors muffler delete. There is some drone. In 4 cylinder mode very annoying. Final straw was a 100 mile trip with a lot of uphill driving. Great when first installed, to bad it...
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    DODJP ‘J pipe’ for drone elimination

    Eliminates 90-95% when you are running 8 cylinders. Installs like instructions on a 4WD. 2WD must be installed farther toward the front, no room for full adjustment if needed. Absolutely use high temp silicone on joints.
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    Carven progressive or B2 18" magna Flow?

    Don't use B2 Fabrication. Poor quality and fit. Company is difficult to deal with. One of those companies that never make mistakes. Aggressive replies to problems.
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    Carven Exhaust

    Installed the Carven Progressive on my truck. Great fit and quality. After a few months it got really loud. Almost the same as the muffler delete. Sounds great but it is always loud. Finally had to remove it. Also, it is really annoying when it is running in 4 cylinders. 2019 Ram 1500 Classic.