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    Lifters, extended idle times, oil

    Sounds like its more than a lifter issue, like others said. My 17 6.4 early on was using PUP0W40, then at 40K 0w40 RL, tried 5w40 RL no different. All filters were Royal purple. It has always been a loud engine, ticky, but I did Blackstone testing from day one, all good wear numbers, 4K-7 K...
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    Cruise Control periodically won't work

    YES about once a month, I have to give it a friendly wake tap, up not a lot of force.
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    Get rid of soccer mom tires

    the above are for 285 45 - 22 AT from tire I like Cooper XLT3 AT had two sets on my 3/4 ton.
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    Get rid of soccer mom tires

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    Hemi Tick? Audio included

    Sounds metalic. Can you pinpoint a side, top, or bottom? My 6.4 had a couple of times it sounded like that, went away, hemis are noisy.
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    Oil leak Front Right Fender

    I believe that Canadian Rams brought to the US, are not covered, they are a separate corporation". There are some posts here as I recall.
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    Cooper Discoverer A/T LT265/70R17 121S Tires - WHAT AM I MISSING?

    I've had great tires from cooper. AT 3 XLT 2 sets. AT is a lower cost tire. Coopers are made in the USA. Findlay, Ohio; Texarkana, Arkansas; and Tulepo, Mississippi. Cooper also operates a facility for producing components of tires in Clarksdale, Mississippi
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    coolant question

    DEX cool is OAT, similar to HOAT,( Hy-bred) check this chart, not sure, hopfully it was flushed.
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    Thermostat Shot

    I think last year there were shortages of them. there was a thread here where poster was waiting 6 weeks with his rig sitting at the dealer.
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    68RFE thermal bypass and tie rod end suggestions?

    ATS is what I used, fits 66 and 68. Best mod I did, lowered temps from 205+ to 165 -175 while towing in 110 degree temps. Several threads on this.
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    Question for Rebel owners about tires

    I've always put E rated 10 ply tires on my previous 1/2 ton pickups, stiffer sidewalls, less flats. You can run them at lower pressures when not towing. That said dont go over the max towing limit.
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    Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning

    At least you weren't wearing it in your lap
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    Oil Filter and Oil Shortage?

    The demise of western civilization, just part of the plan.(Probably get censored for that.)
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    Unstable Towing with our 1500

    On my my prior 1/2 ton pickups always used 10 ply E rated tires and a 10K WD/ Sway combo. Was not as heavy as yours, was like it was on rails towing 70 MPH, 40 mph crosswinds. Better rated hitch and E tires, might just do it.
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    Leaking fluid can anyone help??

    Maybe water pump, hard to tell from that photo