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  1. jonathanhudaon

    8” IFS Swap

    Have a 2013 Ram 1500 I’m about to do the 8” IFS swap. Herd lots of guys debating about it and talking about it. Even a few threads on what’s needed to complete the swap but it seems like everyone brings it to the shop. I’m gonna do mine myself as I’m a competent mechanic. Must wondering if...
  2. jonathanhudaon

    ARB Toyota 8.0 Front Locker Retrofit

    Herd on another post somewhere a guy mentioned he herd that someone had retrofitted a ARB Air Locker from a 8” Toyota kit into the Chrysler 8.0” IFS. Wondering if anyone has done this or herd about it? If it works I’d love to talk to someone that did it. Very interested and would love to have a...
  3. jonathanhudaon

    TR 6060 or Magnum T56 Transmission in a First Gen?

    So I’m looking to throw a modern Gen 3 Hemi in my first Gen truck, basically it’s going to be a retromod street/strip type of truck. My issue is the transmission, can’t get much info on guys that have swapped in a transmission though or any write ups on it or anything. I’m interested in a manual...
  4. jonathanhudaon

    2.25” w/ resonator delete vs 2.5” piping

    I have a black widow widow maker muffler on the truck now sounds pretty good but could be a bit louder. Anyone with an opinion. I’m going to be doing 5” tips either way and headers down the road. Just wondering which sounds better. I like I loud but not so loud everyone is calling the cops on...
  5. jonathanhudaon

    Any major changes in the 5.7 after 2009?

    Anyone know if they did any major upgrades to the 5.7 after 2009? I know in 09 they went to the Engle style heads. Looking to find out as I’m flirting with a complete 400 stroker kit from modern muscle xtreme and was thinking about picking up a donor engine to build it in. Only thing is mines a...
  6. jonathanhudaon

    Serviceable LCA or LCA Bushing

    I’m installing as many serviceable parts as possible on my truck to help with price of replacing parts and just keep better preventative maintenance on my truck. I have a set of jba off road uca’s on the way but was wondering does anyone know if there’s any company out there that makes a LCA...
  7. jonathanhudaon

    Stock or oversized pistons?

    Will be doing a complete motor upgrade in the near future with ported head, forged internals, new lifters, moe’s performance cam, 87mm throttle body, ported intake and LT headers (along with my custom exhaust I already have). What I’m wondering if it’s worth my time to have oversized pistons or...
  8. jonathanhudaon

    Pinion nut sizes

    Looking at putting a set of 4.56’s in my 13 sport. Just putting a list together of what I need. Anyone know what the size socket is need for the pinion nut on the 9.25zf and the nut size for the 8” ifs front end . Gotta see if I have the sockets for them or if I’m gonna have to get them Sent...
  9. jonathanhudaon

    2.5” Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipping

    Does anyone know if there’s anyone company out there that does dual mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust pipes from the muffler back for these trucks, I know there’s an e au company that does them with aluminized steel but that’s no good for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jonathanhudaon

    Zone vs Pro Comp vs Fabtech Uniball UCA

    Hey, Looking at a set of uniball uca’s for my truck since I need to do a little bit of front end work. Now I know most here love the Zones but no matter bad or good give me your reviews on any of the three as these are the three I’m looking at. (If you don’t know my truck already has a 6” lift)...
  11. jonathanhudaon

    Opening Recon Tail lights

    Looking at opening a set of recon tail lights to colour match. Any info or tips would be if any help done plenty of head lights but never done tails. Was told not to keep in the over for as long as head lights but wasn't given a specific time. Should I use a screw drive like with heads or a...
  12. jonathanhudaon

    ISO: Chrome Recon Tails, OEM Led

    Looking for a set of chrome recon tail lights for my 13 Ram 1500. They need to be for oem led, not the halogen bulb ones. Looking for chrome as they have clear lens and also where I'm going to colour match. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. jonathanhudaon

    True Dual Exhaust

    Looking at building a true dual exhaust for my sport. Either 2.5 or 3". Was wondering what size tip (diameter and length) will sound best. Was also thinking either carven or Black Widow for the mufflers (full performance mufflers) what's everyone like? Oh and would re-installing a resonators...
  14. jonathanhudaon

    2013 letting in cold air

    Been having this problem for sometime, so it's time to try and fix it. Been noticing even though I have the heat on, I'm getting cold coming from under the dash on drivers and passengers side. Also through my centre console. I can have the heat on for an hour and still the centre console is...
  15. jonathanhudaon

    Longer tube tube for my vararam

    Bought a vararam for my 13 ram, I didn't realize I needed a longer intake tube (the rubberized tube that goes from my CAI to the tb) as I have a 3" body lift on the truck. Seen on here someone was taking orders for the longer tube for the 3" bl. Where can I get one? Sent from my iPhone using...
  16. jonathanhudaon

    Performance-Curst Exhaust Systems?

    Hey guys was looking for exhaust and came apon performance-curve on eBay. The sell catback exhausts with you choice (of popular brand muffler) for only 400 CDN! Which is crazy cheap. Has anybody herd or felt with these guys? What's the difference between their catback system and a full Megnaflow...
  17. jonathanhudaon

    Vibration ever since I punt my BL on

    Hey, I had a 6" BDS lift on my 2013 Sport for a year and didn't have a hitch. I decided to add a 3" Performance Accessories Body Lift. Ever since I put the body lift on Ive been getting a vibration after I hit 100 km/h. Don't know if anyone else has had a problem like this. Sent from my...
  18. jonathanhudaon

    Dual exhaust gap on 3" body lift

    Hey, I just installed a PA 3" body lift on top of my BDS 6" suspension lift. Everything looks good except the ugly gap from the bottom of the bumper cutouts to the factory duals. I know that this is a common question but what's the best way of correcting it besides loosening the rear bolt and...