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    Morimoto Poll

    got a replacement left lite for loose projector and when installing found new lite also has a loose projector out of the box?? not very impressed.
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    Morimoto headlights

    Just saw the video a few pages back showing the inner mechanism loose and flopping. I installed my lights last week but could not get driver side to adjust upward, was way too low, but passenger side was almost perfectly aligned out of the box. Chose to do some more reading about light...
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    2015 Longhorn mirror swap tech info

    The mirrors that the dealership put on came from the salesman's truck! They are power folding. Not too concerned about getting that function to work but was under the impression that the auto dim should work. Thought that the tow mirrors had that function as the sales brochure I have says so in...
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    2015 Longhorn mirror swap tech info

    Bought a 2015 Laramie Longhorn that had tow mirrors but did not want them. Had dealer change them to standard mirrors. They function okay except for power fold and auto dim. I know that different door modules and drivers door switch need to be changed out, but need to know if the BCM or what...