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  1. AkNoad2

    Ribbed rubber pad

    I was under my truck this morning installing my block heater and cord, while under the truck I bumped into the understructure and this rubber pad fell off. I don’t remember seeing it while I was under there so no idea where it goes, does anyone know where it might go?
  2. AkNoad2

    Remflex gaskets RFL-6022

    Bought these gaskets a while ago for my previous truck but I sold the truck and no longer need them. $50 shipped
  3. AkNoad2

    MyMoparParts website

    Has anyone ordered parts from this place? I ordered a block heater and cord for my truck from their website after researching it to guarantee it would fit, it says it does yet these people send me an email saying they can't guarantee fitment. I mean, what the hell, I researched it and found the...
  4. AkNoad2

    2018 Ram 2500 6.4

    Had been looking for a newer truck for over 2 months to replace my 2010 5.7, that had over 180k miles on it, and eventually ended up buying this 2500. Got a pretty good deal on it, only had 36k miles on it and I really like the CC version over the quad cab, a lot more room for our pups and the...
  5. AkNoad2

    Tekonsha P3 Brake controller & harness - SOLD

    Bought a newer truck with the factory brake controller so I no longer need this one. Comes with mounting bracket w/hardware, soft case, instructions and the harness to connect it to your factory gen 4 plug (3021P) that you will have to check and see if it works for your truck. The lens has a...
  6. AkNoad2

    Cummins regen system

    This has been bugging me ever since my buddy test drove a 2018 Ram 2500 with the Cummins and I'd like to know if it's normal because after researching it on the net I don't think it is but I don't know squat about diesels. So my buddy was test driving this beautiful truck, we made it about a...
  7. AkNoad2

    Wheels question

    I'm looking for another set of wheels for my truck that I can put some winter tires on, does anyone know if there wheels from other brand trucks that will work on my 2500?
  8. AkNoad2

    2018 Laramie CC 6.4

    Looking at a 2018 Laramie CC 2500 with the 6.4 with just under 34k miles on it, listed for $49,995 and books out on KBB between $54-$61k so sounds like it's a good deal but I don't know much about these 6.4's so I figured I'd ask here. How much worse are these trucks on gas compared to the 5.7...
  9. AkNoad2

    Buying a newer truck and have some questions

    I'm looking at buying a newer truck here pretty soon and I'd like to get some info from the knowledgeable folks here. I do a fair amount of towing, I've got several trailers and the biggest is a 22ft enclosed aluminum trailer that I haul our sleds and Argo ( max weight with either is somewhere...
  10. AkNoad2

    Sensor on throttle body intake to air box tube

    I've been trying to figure out what this sensor is on the tube going to my throttle body, I thought it was a MAF sensor but everything I've been reading says these trucks don't have one, if that's the case what is this sensor called? I need a new connector for it as the lock broke on it when I...
  11. AkNoad2

    Oil change light doesn’t come on

    My oil change light has been pretty reliable and comes on between 5k and 6k miles but this last time the light never came on and I was over 7500+ miles when I checked it. Any idea why it would stop working?
  12. AkNoad2

    What year did Ram change the exhaust manifold setup?

    I will be buying another truck down the road and want to buy another 1500 with the Hemi, so like my header says, what year did Ram change the exhaust manifold to a more reliable setup that won't break the bolts on them?
  13. AkNoad2

    Going with short headers

    I'm tired of the exhaust manifold bolts breaking and I'm going to fix it permanently so I've decided to go with the JBA titanium ceramic coated short headers, i'd love to buy the Kooks but they are just a little too expensive for my tastes. I've already got the Remflex gaskets, is the hardware...
  14. AkNoad2

    Lightbar placement

    I see a lot of people mounting their lightbars in that space under the bumper and I'm wondering how the dirt and road grime affects them? I'm looking to put one on mine but i'm looking at mounting it on the bumper so it's not so close to the ground. Winter time is tough up here with all the...
  15. AkNoad2

    Strange issues with EVIC and climate control

    I noticed this about 3 months ago, I have my Easy Exit Seat set up but it stopped working a few months ago and when I start my truck, the heater runs for about 5-10 seconds, shuts off then turns on again after about 5 seconds then stays on. Also, my climate control knob doesn't work when I put...
  16. AkNoad2

    Remote start settings now working

    When I first got this truck I set up the comfort settings the way I wanted but they seem to have stopped working. Is there a way to reset this besides going to the EVIC and resetting them because that didn't work. Edited: The title is supposed to read "Not" working.
  17. AkNoad2

    Check those radiator hoses

    I was changing the passenger side headlight bulb yesterday and decided to check my radiator hoses while I was under the hood. The upper hose was super soft and starting to collapse and the lower hose was a tad soft but near as bad as the upper so I am going to change them both. Wanted to throw...
  18. AkNoad2

    Park assist light will not go out

    I had turned this light off a long while back because I got tired of the beeping sound when backing up but a few months ago I decided to turn it back on, no go. So I did a little troubleshooting and found a bad sensor in the rear bumper, changed it but the light continues to stay on and will not...
  19. AkNoad2

    Truck stuck in limp mode

    Was driving home from work Friday afternoon and before I made it 2 miles my truck down shifted into 4th gear and the check engine light illuminated. Put a code reader on it and it came back with a P0750 code, shift solenoid, valve body, wiring or fluid so I changed the fluid and filters and...
  20. AkNoad2

    Driveshaft removal

    I'm replacing both u-joints on my driveshaft and would like to know how to get it off the truck? I know about the 4 bolts on the aft u-joint, my question is once you remove those bolts how do you get the driveshaft out?
  21. AkNoad2

    2006 Ram 1500 20" wheel caps

    I bought a set of 20" wheels that came off an 06 1500 and they came without center caps, does anyone happen to know the part number for them? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. AkNoad2

    Stock rims and TPS

    I'm looking at buying a set of rims off of a 2006 Ram that has stock 20" rims that did not have the TPS on them. Does anyone know if they will accept the TPS sensors or do I need to buy specific rims for that? These are the rims in question.
  23. AkNoad2

    Wheel info

    Looking to pick up another set off rims for my truck which currently has 20" wheels. I'm wondering if I can run 17" wheels since they seem to be easier to find than 20". Do the older model Rams wheels fit mine (2010 Laramie)? Obviously I'd rather stick with a set of 20" if I could find a set...
  24. AkNoad2

    Transfer case stuck in neutral?

    I was driving my truck back from our cabin yesterday and as I was turning off the main road towards our house, I flipped the truck into 4wd and the truck stopped going forward. The road to my house is somewhat steep (uphill) and is icy which is why I wanted to use 4wd, I actually do this almost...
  25. AkNoad2

    Truck stuck in neutral

    I was driving my truck back from our cabin yesterday and as I was turning off the main road towards our house, I flipped the truck into 4wd and the truck stopped moving forward. The road to my house is somewhat steep and is icy which is why I wanted to use 4wd, I actually do this almost daily in...