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  1. William Hastings

    Uconnect update failures

    All these members having updates fail and toast the 8.4 system, and FCA not picking up the tab for a replacement when Uconnect is causing it. Does anyone know if the 4g cellular can be disabled without ******** the system up? Can the shark fin be unplugged and radio still function? I know you...
  2. William Hastings

    Grand wagoneer

    Anyone know is FCA, or Stellantis will still be releasing the grand wagoneer? If so any hints on dates?
  3. William Hastings

    Alignment after Bilstein 5100s

    Just bought 5100s for all 4 corners and supreme suspension 1.5" spacers for a little poke. Never leveled a truck before or used spacers, actually never had to do an alignment on any of my cars/suvs. Should i install the Bils and spacers and have it aligned after? Or just after the Bils are...
  4. William Hastings

    Falken wildpeak at3w

    I had these installed about a thousand miles ago, have used meguiars tire foam a few times to dress them after washing the truck. Does anyone notice that they arent black? I know it sounds crazy but a my tires have brown hues when the sun hits them. Next time i wash and dress ill take pics. But...
  5. William Hastings

    SOLD! Factory Goodyear 275 60 20s

    1 year old, 5800 miles. No plugs or patches. Looking for $250 for the set. I'd prefer a local sale, i think shipping will be just too much $$. Thanks
  6. William Hastings

    DIY bedliner for door sills?

    Anyone used a bedliner product on your door sills? I bought a quart of Herculiner to touch up a cple spots in the bed, tryin to think of ways to use it before it dries up. I wouldn't scuff the paint in this case, just clean it, masking tape the area, paint it on? If anyone has done it, can you...
  7. William Hastings

    Exhaust manifold bolts and aftermarket mufflers

    For those of you who have dealt with the broken bolts, has any dealership given anyone a hard time with this repair if they see you have an aftermarket muffler? I know theres alot of debates on warranty repairs and aftermarket parts, ive read them all here. Can a dealer actually say, well you...
  8. William Hastings

    Borla pro xs

    Just got done installing the borla. Followed the write up from Rysram. For me, the sound is perfect, i would say just a little louder than stock but nice and deep. For a total of $220 its great setup. Only thing i would do different is buy a 304 stainless pipe and find a shop to flare one end to...
  9. William Hastings

    Labor cost to have a borla pro xs welded in?

    Can you guys chime in on approx labor costs to have a muffler welded in? The pro xs is $140 shipped, bolt ins are 330 to 365, how do the costs compare?
  10. William Hastings

    Touch up a spray in bedliner?

    I went with a spray in bedliner by ultimate linings, local installer had great reviews and history. Let a friend borrow my truck last night to pick up a husky toolbox from home depot, no good deed goes unpunished. Both wheel wells have small dents, bed liner is scratched on both but one has a...
  11. William Hastings

    Atturo Trail Blade A/T All-Season Radial Tire?

    Anyone have any experience with this tire? They are only $117 each on Amazon right now in 275 60 R20. Looks like a nice tread pattern
  12. William Hastings

    Carven progressive muffler LOUD!

    Ive prob read most comments on the forum concerning this muffler, only a couple poeple say its too loud. I listened to every sound clip, none do it justice to the depth and volume. Anyway, my buddy installed the competitor, i swear mine is just as loud. I now officially know what drone is i...
  13. William Hastings

    Factory side steps loose

    Anyone else have factory side steps and notice they wiggle a bit when stepping on them? I thought i bent or broke a bracket. Turns out every bolt (6) on each bracket were loose. Only have 2200 miles on it. Im 235 so not too heavy on them
  14. William Hastings

    FCA auto appearance care plus

    I apologize if this was already discussed, i couldnt find any info. I purchased the appearance care warranty along with my max care extended warranty. Has anyone had dents/dings repaired under this warranty? Was it a PIA to get the dealer to do the work. Just wondering what the process is like...
  15. William Hastings

    Ambient temp sensor

    My new 1500 sport night edition ambient temp sensor has been consistently 5 or more degrees off. Does anyone know where the sensor is located so i can check it against a calibrated sensor? Wondering if its an inaccurate sensor or bad placement which is picking up engine heat. Thanks for any info.