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  1. canadiankodiak700

    GPS out of whack

    Neither my company Silverado or my ex's caddy said anything about going both directions, both used same process as my renegade. Power down was required with both also.
  2. canadiankodiak700

    GPS out of whack

    Have you tried recalibration, same process is used for both GPS and compass when I had my Jeep renegade Trailhawk. Enter your GPS nav screen, go to an empty field or parking lot and drive in a figure 8 pattern 3 to 5 times, then shit of the vehicle, open door to get radio to completely power...
  3. canadiankodiak700

    Bed rails

    That one is for 5th gen. The very instant you put in 2017 or 2018, instantly says won't fit. Then I'm description it says it fits between 2019 to 22. That's for a 5th gen for sure
  4. canadiankodiak700

    Dually rear tires, Nokian?

    I can't speak of them for an AT tire, but as a winter tire, I have never seen a winter that works as well as they do. I sold tires for years in my tire shop and have seen plenty of great tires, but again, I'll agree, Nokian is best in class with winter tires. The AT looks like it would be a...
  5. canadiankodiak700

    2020 Ram Rebel no start/no acc or run

    Press the push to start button with the fob. This will reestablish communication between them
  6. canadiankodiak700

    Projector light calibration

    Your first step is ensure the actual light build is seated perfectly in the projector. This is a common problem that many people overlook. That bulb sitting just hair out of place before locking into place will throw the projected light way off
  7. canadiankodiak700

    Radio upgrade. Need help.

    Exactly this. Aftermarket radio and be way ahead of the OEM junk these trucks come with.
  8. canadiankodiak700

    Sport/rebel hood panted inserts?

    I didn't say anything about blacked out, I said leave the inserts black and get rid of the ugly chrome...... Nothing beats color matched bumpers and mirrors etc with a few black accents. But as for the blacked out look, that will never be over done. Chrome on the other hand, that's severely...
  9. canadiankodiak700

    Sport/rebel hood panted inserts?

    Leave then black and get rid of the ugly chrome crap. Will look 1000x sharper
  10. canadiankodiak700

    Does The Ram Dealership Service Dept Need a Key Fob to Repair My Truck?

    Here's a very simple way to look at it. Do you need the key to start your truck or to drive your truck? There's your answer end of story. As for your repo question, that's a whole other can of worms. As mentioned if you don't hand them over when the truck is towed then you will be billed for...
  11. canadiankodiak700


    35 will be way too dark for windshield. Most places it's illegal for any time in windshield, including the top as1 section. 2018 I believe was when OEM stopped tinting tops of windshields because it's now illegal in many places.
  12. canadiankodiak700

    JL Audio SQ Build

    I did too, my buddy and I started out own car audio business right after highschool. Right up to 2008, that was my last install for a customer. Only do my own stuff now. Our company want making enough profit to make it worth it at the end, out home town was too small and people didn't really...
  13. canadiankodiak700

    Rain visibility issues

    Well I'll agree to disagree on that one. I've been running Rain-X pretty much since it came out way way back before they even made Rain-X washer fluid. I have never had a single issue with a washer fluid pump from Rain-X. Somebody would have to be literally holding a razor blade vertical to...
  14. canadiankodiak700

    Looking for a 5 Channel amp

    Okay there's no actual Dino results on that amp that I can find but I do see Dino results on its big brother and as a typical boss product, it's extremely overrated which would explain why you seem to think it doesn't have the power for your current setup. I would guess that you are 100% right...
  15. canadiankodiak700

    CarPlay and Android Auto won’t connect.

    Try a maximum 3ft long cable. AA & CP both state 3ft max cable length "for best performance". Now I have used a 6ft cheap Amazon cable with my pixel phones and had no issues except in my old jeep renegade trail hawk, that thing was picky about cables. I switched to an 24" cable in the ram up...
  16. canadiankodiak700

    CarPlay and Android Auto won’t connect.

    If you read, He was connecting an Android phone to AA not a cryphone. No need to download AA on most current Android phones as it's now part of android os.
  17. canadiankodiak700

    JL Audio SQ Build

    Looking good. I'm thinking someone follows 5star car stereo
  18. canadiankodiak700

    Rain visibility issues

    Disregard the above information about not using a razor blade or Rain-X or waxes. That's all faults The new windshields are actually harder not softer They don't scratch easy. One of the best things you can do is run Rain-X washer fluid, a good razor blade scrape then clean windshield really...
  19. canadiankodiak700

    Looking for a 5 Channel amp

    Well for starters, you should list the RMS wattage for each of your speakers and your sub, that would be a good starting point. Are your front 6x9 and 3 and 1/2 wired in parallel like they were from factory? Are you dead set on a 5 channel amp? Are you working with the factory head unit or an...
  20. canadiankodiak700

    Am I missing something with Android Auto?

    it's more a restrictions of uconnect not AA. my aftermarket JVC 10.1" allows lots of approved apps.
  21. canadiankodiak700

    Making and Receiving Phone Calls

    Switch to android and all your problem will be solved.
  22. canadiankodiak700

    Tradesman base Uconnect - Crutchfield says they do not recommend upgrading?

    Probably based more on the fact that there technically isn't a dash kit to fit your base model. Also you will be looking any closer to a grand by the time you buy a dash kit, head unit and a smart harness.
  23. canadiankodiak700

    19 Speaker Harman Kardon® Premium Sound

    Even streaming compressed and stripped music can actually sound pretty-damn good on modern aftermarket systems. My jvc head unit actually processes compressed music, adding back in much of the missing data. It's not perfect but any means but compared to unprocessed, it's night & day. Want even a...
  24. canadiankodiak700


    Just pick a 9005 or 9006 led from BPS or Fahran out any decent led maker
  25. canadiankodiak700


    The bulb doesn't change it from driving to fog. I have aftermarket led bulbs in my OEM vertical driving by light housing. They work great in all weather.