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  1. avantiguy

    Traded in my Ram 1500 for a 2 door Bronco!!!

    My 19 Laramie L2 turned into a Ford Explorer Limited with about everything Ford could put on one. It's turbo 4 cylinder with 10 speed auto. It has a $hit pot full of auto driving features that are fun to use. It won't self drive but about as close as one can get to it. The turbo 4 makes nice...
  2. avantiguy

    First post, last truck for me (even though I love the truck)

    When my 19 Laramie was totaled out, I decide I'd look for a vehicle that would still be large enough for me. 6'3" 225# and allow my wife to drive also. She just finds trucks to big. Decided on a fully loaded 2020 Ford Explorer Limited with very low miles I found at a local Ford Dealer. It has...
  3. avantiguy

    2023 Limited Elite VON Question

    You may want to look at the Delmonico Red Pearl as I believe it is also a tricoat
  4. avantiguy

    Radio won't play my Walkman

    Is there any chance that there is an item in the menu of the Walkman that says something like "act as USB drive" or something like that like to old smart phones did. I'm reaching as it worked in your 18 but you never know.
  5. avantiguy

    Hard tri fold questions

    Tonnopro hard cover for the win. Had one on my 19 but it set above the bed so I replaced it. Great cover, didn't leak and priced way under the usual suspects.
  6. avantiguy

    Dead engine replacement through warrany, should I accept remanufacterd replacement?

    Even if you are successful I believe it's called a Pyrrhic victory as you will be without the truck for months and there is a large chance that either you won't be able to recover all your expenses or even have a significant chance of winning your case. I'm 79 yo and long retired with unlimited...
  7. avantiguy

    Painter accidentally sprayed my truck - can I get if off?

    Good idea. A couple more suggestions: Because latex doesn't have a catalyst to harden you might try tar and sap remover as that's safe for the finish. A good clay bar treatment mjght also work. If all else fails, try a detailer in your area. You might also talk to your insurance company or...
  8. avantiguy

    Mopar Vehicle Protection Maximum Care plan

    Interesting! I'd think it's a seal problem not a glass issue. Just for grins, are the door seals covered?. If so I'd argue the window is no different.
  9. avantiguy

    Thinking of buying 1500 laramie

    Mine came from Robbins Motors, Manhattan KS. Ziegler Motors is widely used on this forum with code -payinfull giving about the same discounts. Just be sure you deal with a Ram source on the factory service contract. Robbins and Ziegler are both Ram dealers.
  10. avantiguy

    Thinking of buying 1500 laramie

    Yes, It still looks good parked in the sun and I still get a fair number of positive compliments. I use the local commercial carwash during the winter months and the paint has held up quite well. It's going into the local Ram dealers body shop in two weeks to fix the front bumper that a Fedex...
  11. avantiguy

    Thinking of buying 1500 laramie

    Absolutely true. A good friends 2021 Silverado just ate a couple lifters at 7000 miles and my daughters 2021 Honda SUV is getting a new engine at under 5000 miles. My 19 Laramie just keeps rolling along. If you're nervous about long term repairs, spring for a $2300 8 yr 125K miles factory...
  12. avantiguy

    Just cancelled Sirius. Is there something better or as good?

    If you are using the same account Sirius will not let you stream two units simultaneously. I have several units that stream Sirius and it will ask me which one I want to use. It may be possible to listen to an XM radio and stream at the same time, however. I'd be interested in a way to stream...
  13. avantiguy

    Just cancelled Sirius. Is there something better or as good?

    If all you want is music there are any number of alternatives. The problem is I'd rather listen to talk radio and there are few alternatives to SiriusXM. That's why I keep Sirius and also use podcasting apps from my phone through Android Auto.
  14. avantiguy

    Connected Car WiFi is dead AT&T?

    The general way most folks have resolved this issue is to disconnect the battery for an hour or so. It fixed this issue on my 19 about two months back. Be aware, it may take a few hours for all the functions to return. Mine seemed fine after about 30 minutes.
  15. avantiguy

    Satellite receiver for 07

    Why not go to Crutchfield and buy a complete system that fits your truck and enjoy all the upgrades available in 2022. It will look like a stock install and have a warranty.
  16. avantiguy

    2021 vs 2022?

    Drive the 21 and see how you like it. If it's only the moonroof, you may find the electric rear window will do a fine job of ventilation. I have the moonroof and seldom use it. I generally use the rear sliding window for ventilation. I also have the 12 in/19 speaker system but again when you...
  17. avantiguy

    Mopar OEM Mud Flaps

    I have the newer version of the Mopar flaps with the foam insert and they work fine here in Michigan with all the slop that's been on our roads. Just be sure to buy some protective film to put under them before installation. A couple years back I was one of the leaders of the Anti-Mopar flaps...
  18. avantiguy

    Oil change to honor Warranty

    I use the dealer for the paper trail. The deal at approx. $50/change keeps the cost to a reasonable level and you don't have to worry about proving you changed the oil and used the correct products. A missing receipt can be the difference between warranty and a few thousand bucks out of pocket...
  19. avantiguy

    Harman Kardon System

    Wander down to a local dealer, take one for a drive and see how you like it. I know trucks are in short supply but there has to be one with the HK set up in it somewhere closeby. Take your music with you on a form you will want to use when you own a new truck. As an aside, I really like the HK...
  20. avantiguy

    Bedliner problem, fitting poorly behind cab

    It looks like you have an extra piece of material (Foam?) under the bedliner lip. It's not allowing the lip on the liner to lay flat. If you want to protect that area from wear just get a strip of plastic protective film PPF and replace the foam. My factory bedliner lays dead flat over the front...
  21. avantiguy

    Tonneau suggestions

    Remember that a Revolver type takes up about a foot of bed length for the mechanism and housing. Many of the hard fold cover like the Undercover Flex series fold up leaving only a couple of inches of the tonneau intruding into the bed. Yes they do block the rear window but generally so does any...
  22. avantiguy

    Need to rent a car hauler

    Usually insurance policies have wrecker service. Have you checked with them on hauling it home and paying the difference. By the time you invest in a HD rental trailer and other necessary equipment the cost could be a wash.
  23. avantiguy

    Mustang Engine! picked up a what checks out to be 65-66 289 4bbl

    I suspect that unless you find the Mustang the engine came from it will not have much value in original form. Personally, I'd rebuild it in a modern configuration with better horsepower and driveability then put it in a Mustang with better suspension parts and have fun with the combination...
  24. avantiguy

    new truck, too reactive?

    Agree with the others that say the truck is designed to handle those loads as long as it's maintained properly. Also know that if you change a part from OEM and that unit fails, you are open to FCA not honoring the warranty on it.
  25. avantiguy

    extended warranty cost

    Ziegler has generally been the go-to low cost option. They are a dealer that sells Mopar service contracts in volume and it's the real Mopar warranty. On their website use payinfull as a discount code to get their bottom line price. They are hard to beat on price.