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    Big Engine (5.7, 5.9, 6.4, 6.7, 8.0, etc) vs Small Engine (3.0, 3.6)... Towing?

    As long as exhaust gas temp settles anything can tow, its everything else you have to worry about - tongue weight, wdh, trailer axle ratings (including the trailer weight), rear helper bags on truck, brakes on trailer, breakaway brakes for trailer
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    Carbon Fiber Flat Bottom Steering Wheel does wheels also
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    Concerned fifth wheeler

    Says no vin ifo available then trys to send me to a new truck sales site
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    2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 radiator upgrade

    Stock srt10 radiator is fine, even towing. Fan system is hydraulic off the ps system, if its low on fluid or if the electrical connector on pass side of fan is loose then the fan wont go to high when ac is onnor temp goes up. A 160 tstat does no good if the fansvarent tuned to come on earlier...
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    Just fill the tank with water, the computer wont know the difference, the water will vaporize and not bother anyone
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    VIN decoding... Worked for me with your vin. I got 498 vin breakdowns this way
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    What inspired you to buy a RAM truck?

    Because those are the trucks i liked 1966 stepside 383/727 1969 fleetside 383/727 1998 rc/sb 318/auto 4x4 2005 qc gomango daytona 2005 rc srt10 yellow fever supercharged 2005 qc srt10 na 2000 dakota qc 2wd 360 3.92 gear
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    But remember i said i have a dana 60 on an 05 srt10, and dont know all of the possible axles/nut combinations. Just make sure its snug and bottoms out against the washer or you risk rounding it off and really ******** yourself
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    Just did this on my 05 dana 60, on those the oem nut is a 1 5/16ths but the replacement spicer was a 33mm. Another thing to look at is the inside diameter of the yoke, my replacement spicer was narrower than oem so a standard impact socket wouldn't go down in it deep enough. I had to get a 33mm...
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    2wd 48re extension housing bushing

    FSM doesn't even show/mention this bushing
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    30days/100 posts

    Lol i was just trying to edit this because i figured out what i was doing wrong, didn't find a delete button for this post
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    2wd 48re extension housing bushing

    New member so sorry if i dont give the details you might need. 05 48re 1 piece driveshaft - found out the previous owner had the shaft 3/4 of an in too long, dust boot on seal kept riding on shoulder of slip joint yoke which would end up pulling the seal out of the housing. This last time the...
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    30days/100 posts

    I'll never get this truck fixed at this rate......
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    Srt10 hood insulation

    Andy at also
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    Extension Housing, Tail-shaft bushing Tool needed to Rent.

    Did you ever find the tool? I cant find anyone who even knows of a tool that fits it