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    ....Thrust Bearing Fail

    Just curious, did you have a ticking noise from the engine on the drivers side and hear from the lower engine ? You could try calling Chrysler Customer Care if the dealer won't help you.
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    Windshield Washer issue...need help

    Replace the nozzle on passenger side. Easy peasy
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    Traction/ABS light

    I have same problem and the same part is bbeing replaced in the shop now. Service writer says they see it alot.
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    Changing from to 18 to 20 inch factory wheels

    Take to Ram dealer and have them program new tire size so odometer,speedo, and tranny shift points work.
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    Curb weight and CCC

    If you have a diesel your curb weight is closer to 8000??
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    "Perform Maintenance" in display.
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    2018 Ram 2500 Cummins stock headlight problem

    Do they work now? If so, probably just a glitch. Either way you should take it to the dealer. There may be a software update or some other fix. Headlight issues are prime for a recall if other people are having the same issues.
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    V06 Steering Linkage Recall - Opinions Wanted

    Inspect the torque values. If the torque values meet requirement, the nuts will be welded to the adjuster sleeve. If the torque values do not meet requirement, the threads will be measured. If thread engagement is acceptable, the link will be reassembled, the vehicle will be aligned, and the...
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    brake kickback when starting

    You have hydraulic booster powered by power steering pump?
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    ABS and Traction control lights after towing

    Sounds like a speed sensor. ABS does not disconnect when trailer hooked up. You should still be under warranty??
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    Windows Up/Down on Entry/Exit

    I remember the convertibles doing that so the seals weren't torn up?
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    2014 6.7 4wd service electronic braking system warning

    Did you check the level switch for the brake fluid reservoir?
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    Rear seat back. Fold down. Y or N

    2018 CC big horn does not fold down. I've seen mods before on forums that make it fold down but still not much space.
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    What is it.

    Sway bar stabilizer. Probably worn out. Any knocking? Easy to replace and pretty cheap.
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    New ram ctd noise in cab

    Do you have a hitch installed in your receiver? They rattle and make rattles on rough roads
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    Cummins block heater

    I understand that all 6.7 have the block heater, you just have to buy the cord. Look toward the block behind your oil filter and you will see where you plug in the cord. Google it to see pics