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  1. hunterdan

    2017 SLT 1500 High Beam adjustment

    The mounting bracket for the bolts or that holds the bulb?
  2. hunterdan

    2017 SLT 1500 High Beam adjustment

    No, the high and low beam reflectors are molded as one piece and move via the single adjustment. If your high beams are way out of whack, then the bulbs aren't seated or clocked correctly, or they're just poorly designed bulbs.
  3. hunterdan

    Transmissions - 845RE vs 850RE vs 8HP70 vs 8HP75

    Pretty sure the "classic" aka 4th gen trucks are still getting the 845 and the 8hp70. The 5th gens (new body style) are getting the updated transmissions.
  4. hunterdan

    side steps/running boards. Probably a dead horse, but hey.

    I'm running the Tyger steps on my ram. I originally had OEM steps on it, but they chrome was flaking and wanted something different. Tried some that only mounted to the upper rocker, but had tons of flex. So, sold them and went with these from Tyger. They mount to the rocker AND pinch weld and...
  5. hunterdan

    headlight vinyl

    Adding a smoked or tinted vinyl over the headlights is going to seriously diminish output. Better off applying a ceramic coating to the new housings to protect them.
  6. hunterdan

    2011 1500 New Muffler Suggestions

    Black widow venom 250. Amazing sound, no drone.
  7. hunterdan

    Best Headlight Upgrade?
  8. hunterdan

    Best Headlight Upgrade?

    The dead spot in the center is definitely from the LED. I've found the LEDs just don't quite work as well in projectors. Hids do a far better job. I've tried numerous LEDs and ALWAYS end up back to hid. I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to swap the projector in my housings to a much...
  9. hunterdan

    Best Headlight Upgrade?

    The stock projectors with a quality hid kit will blow your mind in terms of output. LEDs are ok, but I've tested a number of them and ALWAYS end up back using an hid setup.
  10. hunterdan

    2014 Ram 1500 EPS rack replacement video

    The rack could be replaced without removing the wheels and tires and the steering wheel should be strapped down to make sure it doesn't spin and kill the clock spring. It really is a straightforward swap.
  11. hunterdan

    Snow Buildup with LED Headlights

    Can try using a ceramic coating to keep the lenses slick and hydroscopic. If snow does start to accumulate, it should slide off at speed.
  12. hunterdan

    Led headlight upgrade?

    Have a link to the ones you were looking at?
  13. hunterdan

    Broken Headlight Adjustment

    Turn the adjuster the opposite way, it'll force the ball back on to the socket. Once you hear it pop, stop so you don't pop the other one off.
  14. hunterdan

    Need Low Profile 9005s for highbeams 2017

    I ran the fahren kreiges bulb in my highs with no clearance issues.
  15. hunterdan

    Exhaust Exits/Routing

    Not on a ram, but on my tundra I ran it out in front of the rear tire.
  16. hunterdan

    Consider this air horn install

    If you're only doing a single horn, you can mount one under the hood by the fuse panel.
  17. hunterdan

    2022 Ram 1500 Classic Morimoto XB Fog Light Bracket Install Problem

    All I'm going to say is, should have gone with the diode dynamics ss3 kit. Far better light than that morimoto.
  18. hunterdan

    Led bulb instalation issues

    The focus of the bulb is going to be out of whack. Should just buy the right h7 bulbs to fit.
  19. hunterdan

    LED's in OE Premium Projectors- what works?

    I've got several pictures showing light pattern on a flat wall that will show that a decent bulb, clocked correctly will provide a stock beam pattern, especially in the OEM quad housings. I can't compare them to OEM projectors since I don't have an oem set.
  20. hunterdan

    Looking for quality LED 9005’s for highbeams in OE Premium Projector headlights.

    Right angle.or not, it all depends on the clearance in the housing. You may not get one with a right angle base to fit since it's longer on one side and it could be hard to get it at the right angle to twist in. Plus, they don't have an adjustable collar. So it may not be possible to get the...
  21. hunterdan

    Looking for quality LED 9005’s for highbeams in OE Premium Projector headlights.

    It's more about what fits into the specific spots in the housing. The dedicated High beam bulb for projectors is rather tight to get to, so you need a more compact bulb. The second bulb in your pic will work. You just may not be able to get it to fit right.
  22. hunterdan

    HIDs refuse to ignite - 2016 with projectors

    It's a brand new set of ballast/ignitors from morimoto
  23. hunterdan

    HIDs refuse to ignite - 2016 with projectors

    I've had intermittent issues as of late with my hylux 45w ballasts not igniting, mainly on just the passenger side bulb, until recently it was both sides. Never had any issues the first year they were installed (all BCM changes were done via alfaobd). I also never got a bulb out warning when...
  24. hunterdan

    Affordable, effective Tuner, turn off MDS only

    Alfaobd will not disable mds, you need to do a full tuner to eliminate it electronically.
  25. hunterdan

    Uneven Headlights

    The high beam reflector is attached to the low beam reflector, so when you move the lows, you are in fact moving the highs. I've had the reflector housings apart and can confirm this. The refector bowls of both highs and lows are molded together and pivot together. It's also worth noting that...