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    How can i get better gas mileage

    Has anyone heard about or tried "AIRTABS"? They are also known as vortex generators, sometimes seen on semi trucks and trailers. The idea is to break up the trailing wind which sucks on the back of the vehicle. I have seen a few youtube vids on them and they seem to get good reviews...
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    Is This an Issue in the Engine Bay?

    I have looked at photos of other 2009's that have pics of the engine bay. It looks like a cover, possibly plastic, was removed and not installed. The other pics show two items up against the firewall. I am curious about how this vehicle looks like this, but not enough to talk to the dealer.
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    Is This an Issue in the Engine Bay?

    Thank you all for answering! The search will continue... Jim
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    Anyone use these Rotors/Brakes?

    I believe you are thinking of this What are the best Brake Pads by Engineering Explained. Great video, IMO. I was surprised by the final outcome. Anyone for a spoiler? Jim
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    Is This an Issue in the Engine Bay?

    I am interested in this 2009 1500. The firewall, or the back of the engine bay, seems to have exposed insulation. Is this normal for this year Dodge Ram truck? Are there specific repairs that might explain this condition? Any concerns or opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for...
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    Freezing rain pics

    That is ONE COOL TRUCK! :cool::chillpill: (Couldn't help myself...) Actually, those might make some interesting avatars... Jim
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    Yowza!! $1700 brakes?

    Thanks to the current hike in prices, I feel justified in building up my tool collection to perform my own maintenance. I used to do stuff like change the oil and sparkplugs, tune up and simple things, when I was younger and had my dad's tools to use. Then, I got used to taking it to the...
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    2021 Truck of the Year!!!

    Vote early... Vote Often! Jim
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    Zip code for build

    How far away are you talking? I just tried to price and build at RAMTRUCKS.COM with a 2022 blue Power Wagon, level 3 and RAMBOXES. I entered my home zip (Irvine, CA) and Phoenix AZ, and the retail was the same. I would probably ask the dealer you want to work with what they would recommend...
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    New to Ram and Forum

    Good Looking truck! I am a fan of the RAMBOXES, did you get the multi-function tailgate, too? Jim
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    Would you pay monthly for certain features

    Nope, no subscription service for me. I don't even have that from Microsoft, their Office 365. I keep my older machine that has the older program. Jim
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    Show your support to fellow members

    There are some great tucks, congratulations to all the winners! It was a tough choice... Jim
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    Another SoCal powerwagon has joined.

    I like the forums here, very civil but lively, for the most part ;) . Welcome Aboard! Jim
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    What is this whole Gen" thing?

    This is like talking STAR WARS: is it the first movie, fourth book (A NEW HOPE) fifth movie, first book, etc. :emotions122:
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    New from OC.

    Looks Good! Welcome aboard! Jim
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    Run fast !

    I, for one, would be interested if cheyennemans (or any other ship jumpers) would come back, say in a year or two, and give us some honest feedback on future experiences. Then some light would be shed on customer service and quality across the board. Jim
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    New member from CA

    Well, Hello there! Good lookin truck! :cheers: Jim
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    I'm not a millennial.

    @JohnnyBandit I wonder if it possible with the Nanny Kill Switch, granted, I have only seen it for the Power Wagons. That would be an awesome mass of steel to try to whip around... Jim
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    Post Your GIF!

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    How did you find

    Yeah, Google here... I was researching which truck had most or least problems, trying not to be brand loyal. Guess what? All vehicles have their quirks. I happened upon the Synthetic oil thread and read every post, and I feel when I am ready for a truck, RAM could be lived with, plus I like...
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    I'm not a millennial.

    But can you pull off a Rockford (J) turn with the rotary shift knob? Inquiring minds want to know! Jim
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    Smallest 4wd/awd dodge

    While glancing through CRAIGSLIST, I saw a D50 diesel that was restored. Steep price at something like $22,000 (?), but I guess hens teeth are expensive!
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    Steering locked up truck totaled

    Wow, just WOW... Glad you made it out O.K. Jim
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    New to Ram Forum

    Welcome Aboard! :happy160:
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    how far back can I go for no satellite wireless or Bluetooth

    Thanks, @GTyankee, that is information that will help! Jim