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    2017 Ram 3500, Gas Lost Communication with ICS code U11B8

    Hi there.. I just have the same symptoms nothing happens no light.. Just the hazards... I also did the harness myself with the Mod2 diagrams... Did you end up fixing it..? What was it? Thank you
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    Ac compresor not engaging... With new module

    Hi guys just did my radio swap on my 2014 1500 tradesman 5.7 Installed a hvac module everything woks fine but no cold air any ideas... The number 10 wire is receiving 5 volt instead of 12 or 11.6 to turn on the compressor.. Only is cold whe. Replace with old ariginal MTC bezel with 7fan speed...
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    2014 1500 Climate Control Won't Turn On

    Hi guys... Somebody knows where. Can I get a wire pinout diagram for the 2018 hvac control module...? Cause I having issues with the ac not blowing cold .. Only if I connect the original manual bezel back will cool again.. Everything else will work fine so I assuming the harness is missing a...