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    Front Bumper Paint Chipping

    I just picked up a 2020 all black - 25k miles - and was just wondering the same thing after the first deep clean. Chip city up there. CFL here as well ✌️
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    Running Board

    Was seeing if instead of sourcing OEM running board replacements… maybe the OP would like these Westin’s I just took off my new truck.
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    Pic request. 275/65/20 or 285/65/20 on stock wheels.

    Not the best angle of the new truck (only pic I have with me as I just picked this 2020 Ecodiesel up yesterday)… but it’s got a Falcon 2.25” level front/1” rear spacer - 20” wheels - 0 offset - on 285/65's if this helps. They fill out nicely... buuuut a 295 would perhaps be a touch cooler...
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    Running Board

    I’m just took off Westin HDX running boards from this 2020 Bighorn I just bought used - pretty new to the forum so apologies if this is not kosher.