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    White Knuckle Black Friday code

    It's a swingin' deal. WK is in CA so Boise is closer anyway so shipping may be less. I'll drop them off at any packaging/freight shop in the Boise area for you or anyone else who's interested in saving a hell of a lot of money.
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    White Knuckle Black Friday code

    Or get them used here for less than half price. Only used for running boards lol:
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    Aftermarket 75th Rims

    18 to 25+ offset and you're good.
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    Longevity of new Power Wagons

    My plan is to get a Gen 5 PW with a 426 in it. That may get derailed with the new fraudulent administration though.
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    CJC power wagon purchase

    Looking forward to see how they build up their new PW. It'll take some guess work out of the equation for a lot of owners. I'd think they'll go w/ Carli as they've both in So Cal and very close drive away for each other. I'd like to see a Thuren build though as I really haven't seen a showcase...
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    Black Lug Nuts

    Black lug nuts matter...
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    Rim Offset

    I got these: CJC has some youtube vids that explain the best offset for Ram HD trucks. I had 35's on stock wheels for a very short time. What I found was that mounting 35's on the stock narrow wheels...
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    2019 Power Wagon center hump storage?

    5th gen will be marginally longer as the back seat has more leg room.
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    Will these fit stock ‘19 PW without rubbing?

    Do yourself a favor and fit some wider wheels while you're at it.
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    Newcomer 2020 power wagon owner

    I had the KO2's on my old Raptor and didn't like them in the snow as much as the Duratracs. Probably would have gone with the Ridge Grapplers if I din't want a snowflake tire.
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    Newcomer 2020 power wagon owner

    Duratracs are Load E in a 35" size. I don't have any problems with then and I specifically got them in 35" as the stock tires did so well in the snow.
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    New PW Owner!

    Great truck, great bear and great state. My plan is to move to the Boise area within two years. Keep that state as red as your truck in the meantime...:cheers:
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    Power Wagon Quirks?

    14 PW's in stock at the dealer I bought mine from. They'll compete with Dave Smith and Dennis Dillon prices: wagon
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    Tips on White Knuckle Slider Install?

    Thanks fellas...:favorites13:
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    Tips on White Knuckle Slider Install?

    I read somewhere that if they're not installed correctly (maybe with a spacer?) that they may creak. Any tips to potentially alleviate any rattling or creaking would be appreciated...:anitoof:
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    New 2019 blue pw coming in next week!

    I had a good experience at Dick Hannah Ram in Vancouver on my Rebel and my PW. I agree most dealers in Oregon are bozos and when I move to Idaho I'll likely go with Dennis Dillon.
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    AFE Exhaust

    Yeah I neglected to see that when I ordered as well lol. I may cut the pipe before it angles out to the tire and mount the tip there.
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    AFE Exhaust

    I have one as well and was concerned about the drone when it was new and had first put it on. Now that I've had it for a while the drone has toned way down and don't even notice if it's there anymore. The system has seemed to be 'seasoned', broken in I suppose but now I think it sounds great.
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    A Thought On Power Wagon Towing Specs

    Possibly a better ride?
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    Tire size/wheel offset... if ya didn't know, now ya know

    Good stuff. That guy w/ Dethloff is one town over from me.
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    '19 PW Max Steel w/ Raceline Avenger 17X9's and 35" Duratracs.

    Thank man. Max Steel was damn hard to find, at least for me. And I agree about the decals on this color truck. It's not the easiest to keep clean, especially here in the Pac NW with all the rain we get but it certainly isn't like black. I've managed to keep it relatively swirl free from my...
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    '19 PW Max Steel w/ Raceline Avenger 17X9's and 35" Duratracs.

    Thanks. I don't think they look too small at all and I agree that there's too much sacrifice w/ 37's, especially as a DD. Goodyear says that the 35" Duratracs measure out to 34.8". I have a Ram Tazer and after a learning curve I pretty much have the hang of it in calibration and other settings...
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    '19 PW Max Steel w/ Raceline Avenger 17X9's and 35" Duratracs.

    Thanks. I don't care for the look of flaps, especially in the back. Chose not to mount them in the back as there isn't much to protect back there, other than the tip of. It's easy to take it off, sand and paint it anyway. I'm thinking about taking off the OEM flaps and getting the AEV flaps F/R...
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    '19 PW Max Steel w/ Raceline Avenger 17X9's and 35" Duratracs.

    More pics. Think I'm going to cut the pipe right before it bends out toward the tire, then bolt the tip up there. I should have paid more attention to the specs before I ordered this AFE exhaust, it was a on a black friday deal. It does sound great though.