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    Check engine/ traction control light transmission stuck in gear

    Limp mode take negative battery cable off for couple hours
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    Which Amp Research Bed Step for a 2019 Classic?

    i used a Dee Zee bumper step from amazon easy install $67.92 right now works great
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    Royal Purple 20-820 or Best option

    RP 20-500 filter will not fit a 2017 ram with 5.7 been there done that
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    Pedal Commander help

    my went into limp mode sent back to Pedal Commander and no more problems
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    Red Line Oil

    How many miles do you get on a Red Line oil change 5w30 on a 5.7 ?
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    Moly E.P.

    anyone using Schaeffers Moly E.P. oil treatment ?
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    Royal Purple 20-500

    Is there anyone actually running a Royal Purple 20-500 filter on a 4th generation 2017 5.7
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    A lot wrong in year 1?

    2017 ram 1500 Laramie crew cab bought new 52k no problems except for battery going to keep this one
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    does anybody use a needle nozzle to lube lifetime ball joints and tie rod ends ?
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    dry ice for a ding?

    tried on hail dents no cigar go to PDR shop
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    2017 ram 1500 5.7 hemi ticking after running for short periods of time

    Redline 0w40 and Mopar filter works flawless in my 2017 5.7 never been this quite
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    transfer case fluid

    have a 2017 ram 1500 4wd with 902a transfer case says on case what fluid ?
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    Flow Master 40 Series

    you will get some drone about 1500 rpm i will go to Walker Quite Flow I had a 40 series original
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    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    Step Bumper from the factory like GM trucks
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    worst setup to change oil i have ever seen

    i just use a long drill bit and put a hole in the filter and let it drain
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    stock muffler

    looking for a factory stock muffler 2017 ram 5.7
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    Karnage Mufflers

    anyone try a Karnage muffler series 3
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    cabin filter

    replaced cabin filter in a 2017 ram with a k&n filter went to clean it and can not remove filter i remember it being a tight fit any ideas to get it out ?
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    program saver

    battery went bad in a 2017 ram 33k do i need a program saver plugged in when i change out the battery or will its loose settings ?
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    Good Deal?

    make sure you get 3:92 gears you will smile
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    Weather tech floor mats

    Husky Liners had Weathertech they slide around
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    best tire spray

    the best I have used is Jay Leno's garage tire shine no sling durable
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    Bronze Rims on Granite Crystal Metallic

    dark rims are so played go with deep dish chrome or polished wheels
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    5" Tips

    ridges on the backside on the tip
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    5" Tips

    have Carven 5 inch polished tips and the have rust after 2 years not good