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    Best winter A/T tire

    I have had great luck with Bridgestone Dueler ATs in the past and have gotten 80k+ out of a set with good tread remaining. I live in ND and I’m VERY familiar with winter driving. I run a lot of miles and live in the country so my driving is mostly highway and gravel with some town driving. I run...
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    Need your help… eTorque?

    Thanks! Any idea of how many miles he’s put on it? I’m concerned about longevity. That being said, I have family members that have had had several Camry and Avalon Hybrids with a fair bit of miles and not a lick of trouble. But Toyota had been in the hybrid game for a long time.
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    Need your help… eTorque?

    Hey all, I’m shopping for a new used half ton. Vehicle will see a fair bit of miles (40-65k annually) and likely will be replaced in a year or 2 depending on how many miles get racked on. I already have a LongHorn DRW Cummins, an old ranch F350, plus my wife has a little crossover. I’ve always...