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  1. znrh

    Just bought my first Ram 1500

    I've still got less than 500 miles on my new 22 Big Horn and this is my first 5th Gen with the new body style in Night edition. I've added aftertmarket LED headlights, fog lights, aftermarket hard folding Tonneau and multicolor light strips in the front and back. This is my favorite Ram ever...
  2. znrh

    It Was a Good Run, But I'm Done

    I was surprised yesterday when I filled up my 22 Bighorn and it was only 38 bucks. This was only my second fillup with this truck and I live in a pretty reasonable state for gas, SC. My last Ram a 21 Classic with the v6 used to be around 80 to fill up
  3. znrh

    Floor Mats

    My OEM's work just fine in my 22 Bighorn Night edition no need to waste money on something different
  4. znrh

    Need jumper cable recommendations

    I would recommend purchasing the Lokithor unit LOKITHOR JA300 Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 1500Amp 12V Car Battery Booster for Up to 7L Gas or 4.5L Diesel, 150 PSI Tire Inflator with Digital Screen, 24 Months Ultra-Long Standby avail at Amazon at around 150 dollars this incredible unit...
  5. znrh

    2014 HID lights

    I stuck LED's on my 22 1500 Big Horn and man are they bright didn't need the canbus I bought just in case
  6. znrh

    Rear backup senors lock up brakes

    I learned the hard way with my new Bighorn that you can't back out of your garage with the tailgate down without the "Park Sense" slamming the truck into park. My last Ram 2021 Tradesman never did this so it caught me off guard. I thought it only locked up if your door was ajar or open
  7. znrh

    Ever have a RAM that you regret getting rid of?

    I regret selling all of these but my new favorite is the current 22 Bighorn Night with the hemi
  8. znrh

    I'm out!

    I had ordered a Maverick hybrid back in September when the window was open and now with most of the other people hopelessly waiting to see if their orders will even be built this year and having test driven the Maverick, now that I purchased this 2022 Ram Bighorn, I am loving this truck and...
  9. znrh

    I'm out!

    As for the LED lighting it's easy to switch out your halogens in lower trims to LED bulbs inside and outside. Lots of options to customize you Ram for instance I have already added new running boards MOPAR price 900 bucks Mine under 200 and super easy install, Husky wheel well liners and...
  10. znrh

    I'm out!

    I agree the interest rates are nuts! I too have excellent credit and when I went to buy my new 2022 Night edition They charged me a 7.99 interest rate too so I paid it off before my first payment was due in January. No way I'm paying over 800 a month in payments. This is a savings of almost...
  11. znrh

    warranty denied

    This is why I don't buy extended warranties. I insure myself. I've gotten screwed before by these companies not wanting to pay when stuff fails. When I just bought my New Bighorn last week I told the Finance guy at the outset that I didn't want any extended warranties, prepaid maintenance, Gap...