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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    Hi All, Looking for advice I can't find on the Interwebs ... Some may think this is old, well known knowledge, but this is my first Diesel and I'm looking to get informed ... especially when I go against the Gas/Diesel Station as well as getting to know details I just can't find in the...
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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    Thank you to @KoboldTaco & @06 Dodge for optional advice/opinions. Sad to report the long crank is back. HOWEVER ... for the first time, so is the warning the Water Fuel Filter Warning Light. Makes me think the Ram Service I had only 800 Miles and two tank-fulls ago didn't really do the...
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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    Ram had a full service (dealer) about 800 miles ago, all filters emptied and changed. I've used vehicle several times: first two I turned did the Aux for 20 seconds before starting and no issues. Had a brain-fart and used AutoStart and happy to report it started right up. Went straight to...
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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    No dealership in the Rocky Mountains can even take the truck till Mid December. So I took a deep dive into the Internet and came back with two "possible" problems and temp solutions. 1. When I filled the tank, it was bad Diesel and to have tank drained (not possible on my own in remote...
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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    Thanks - my intention is to get it into shop - but I'm traveling thus Turkey Day weekend and worried I'm doing harm with each start - about 4 times daily - or, I'll go somewhere and get stranded. If I was back home, I could just use another car until Ram could go into the shop. If this is...
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    Starter Issues - Or Worse?

    Starter Motor stays engaged for a long time before motor turns over. Sounds a little like it's spinning faster than usual - but I may be wrong about speed as it's never spun very long at all Any clues, ideas? 2021 EcoDiesel Limited 25K miles Just started within 50 miles after a fill up from...
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    How to program the Trucks garage door opener

    I appreciated the first post and all that followed, not just for the info, but the laughs. The timing was perfect as I'm leasing a place and could not for the life of me get the F'ing Ram Home Garage Door System to work on any of the three doors of this house! This thread helped a lot...
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    Default Nav to map

    I ass-u-me you mean to make the Default to Navigation Map on start-up instead of Phone Favorites ... if I'm right, that's a good question and I'd like that too. Every so often the screen will open to the Navi Screen when starting, but that's not the norm. It usually opens to the Favorites in...
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    Fuel cap door doesn’t lock! WTH?

    UPDATE: I received my Locking Fuel Cap from Gino's. It took longer that expected - but to Gino's credit, they sent out updates of the extended delays which made me feel good about how they put Customer Service as a primary part of their corporate structure. Now for the good news - it's...
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    Bluetooth hacked. Steering, Brakes,Trans

    I think you're merging "Correlation" with "Causation". You have multiple issues that are happening at or near the same time - the only thing they have in common is timing, like when you use the vehicle. You're not the only one with slight steering/braking issues. It'll be some work, but...
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    Anyone ClearBra their (painted) bumpers? How much ??

    I've a '21 Limited with painted bumpers. I've had two slight 'taps' one the bumpers and it's left a mark as well as a good scar. I want to put on a good Clear Bra on the bumpers. If you've done this - please let me know your cost Thank you Gregory
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    Air conditioned seat noise

    It's not like @RamCares will ever read this .... But here's a solution I used on a BMW Ventilated Seat sound issue: The fan and the ventilation box is only plastic, so if it's not securely anchored, it's going to resonate throughout the cabin, yet mostly up the seat it's attached to. I...
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    Marginal AC ?

    @TimboRam77 has the easiest answer and it's what I've been doing - I don't know @TimboRam77, yet I feel we're either kindred brothers or separated at birth because this is precisely what I do LOLOLLL I'll only add that the "Auto" setting doesn't work to make adjust the temperature AND fan...
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    Greetings from Ram Cares

    You state you rely on Dealer Network for technical concerns ... yet they refer us to you for most things regarding UConnect or other programing ... AND ... you and your "Team" tell us to contact directly, yet NO ONE GETS BACK TO US! ! The claim of a "Dedicated Team On Various Social Channels"...
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    Greetings from Ram Cares

    As I stated in other threads ... @RamCares doesn't care at all. Yet ... the person who is in this job, can't help us. They're handcuffed from Management - they don't understand the problems, nor comprehend the impact it has on the user. Their only job is to "publicly" tell us about...
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    2022 Limited. Multifunction Tailgate.

    I had that problem until I stopped swinging the doors shut or slamming the tailgate up. I looked at the sensor and realized it 'assumes' the tailgate isn't closed because when slammed shut it "bounces" the sensor and the sensor doesn't pick up that it's closed. I now do it this way and...
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    2900km in and starting to hate my Rebel

    Odd you should be so specific, I am interacting with someone from Israel who is familiar with the issues I'm having. And there's a fair amount of people/computer-coders/hackers on a few phone based web-sites who are starting to crack the UConnect/Android Auto protective walls and finding ways...
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    Gap between tailgate and bed: dirt.

    I LOVE the Gap Shield Cover, yet it's only part of the solution for me. I reconfigured the way the Gap Shield Cover connects so it can be installed and removed somewhat quickly as I rarely use the bed for small particulates. As @DB Cooper stated first, get some heavy duty (firm - as the...
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    Stuck in Aero mode

    I'm not sure precisely what position you're putting the Ride Height to when you're removing the Aero Mode selection. If you're moving it up one position, it's going to Normal Mode, which is the position above Aero Mode. I'll explain how my Air Suspension System works: There are Five (5)...
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    Broken tri fold tonneau cover clips

    I don't know if this will or can help with your specific Tonneau Cover, but it worked for me with little modification on one of my older Tonneau Covers, which was 12 years old and long out of production for parts. I looked at all the Tonneau Cover companies websites and found the securing...
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    I suggest getting the brake rotors checked for warping. I've been racing cars for decades. If we have the wheels and tires right, the next thing is checking the brake rotors. If the rotors are very hot and they hit a puddle, the steel will warp. I'm not saying this is the answer in your...
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    Back rear windows and back glass qindow

    Might seem like a silly response, but have you checked the Window Lock button? There is some sort of ghost in those rear windows though. About 3 times now I'll go out to see my rear windows are half way down! I don't know how that happens, or why. Hope you get it sorted.
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    2900km in and starting to hate my Rebel

    Hope you get the things in the first paragraph remedied. The second paragraph has many of the issues I have with UConnect and Android Auto interface. And as you are learning - their customer service is worthless. Like you, I'm disheartened with Chrysler/Ram - the number one thing we all...
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    Uconnect 5 FOTA S21D.5 - Released 12/22/21

    I appreciate you relating to my irritation ... thank you for that and I mean it with sincerity. But @RamCares keeps offering to help, but never does. They don't have a "parent" to complain to. They don't direct me to another division, nor do they give any of us any hope for remedy. My...
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    Greetings from Ram Cares

    Don't waste your time Ram Forums members. We're never got the help from @RamCares we needed, and we'll never get the help in the future until there's a change in senior management. We're interacting with a level so low in the company it's literally called "Social Engagement". Filled with...