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    Thumping and Clicking in 4wd

    Hi Forum I’ve got a 2002 2500 Cummins I’ve been having some issues with my 4wd My issues are loud thumping noise when driving In 4wd straight and turning. The noise slightly goes away when giving it power but when I take my foot on the pedal it gets worse. As well as sometimes when I brake...
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    Hi Ram forum Bought a 2002 dodge 2500 and noticed there was no ding noise when wait to start light is on. Only time when the truck dings is when the lights are on or the key is in ignition with the door open I’m trying to find anything online on how to fix it but can find anything My...
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    2002 Sport Dodge 24V Cummins Key Chimer

    Hello Ram Forum Im 19... and I just bought a 02 5.9 cummins sport, I was noticing my door chimer only dings when the lights are on or key is in the ignition. Im wanting it to chime when the key is in the on position (AKA when the wait to start light is on) and stop chiming when the light goes...