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    Backing up with door open

    It is surprising that you can't turn this off with Alpha OBD. There are times I would like to have the door open when i back up and I certainly no how to use mirrors.
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    Did Lubegard Biotech kill your hemi tick??

    We are becoming one ourselves very quickly now.
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    Actually, I did have exhaust manifold leak but I have the manifolds, gaskets, and bolts replaced in the fall. You're right, It's hard to be sure but I think this may sound a bit different than the manifold leak I had.
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    Whatever is causing it it's definitely more than one.
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    Yes, it sounds like lifters but I agree it could be piston slap. I'm not sure how much different they sound.
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    Lifter tick on cold start

    My 2017 with 5.7 with 90K has lifter tick for a good five to eight seconds after a cold start in cold weather such as 20°F. It does then go away. Is this a big deal? I get my oil changed and they put in Gulftec synthetic whatever weight it calls for. I think you also get a better quality filter...
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    Remote Start and seat covers

    What year and trim level is it? I have a 2017 express and all I had to do is turn on the remote start feature using AlphaOBD. The previous owner had bought spare remotes and it just so happened that he bought the one with the remote start button. You can buy these remotes aftermarket cheap if...
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    2013 Rack and Pinion Bushings

    How did you make out with this? I have the clunk as well and don't really want to replace the entire steering rack.
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    Play in steering? Steering rack failure due to slop in steering?

    Thanks, I did all of the above and the 'slop' when you just wiggle the wheel side to side does seem to be in the eps unit and it seems like it's coming from very close to where the shaft comes out on the passenger side. Now to try to figure out if I can fix the rack instead or replacing it...
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    Drive belt for electronic power assist

    Could be. I did get under there yesterday and the noise that sounds like slop is indeed coming out of the rack. It's most prominent right where the shaft comes out of the rack on the right side of the truck. Coincidence or not, this is right where the gears and drive belt are.
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    Drive belt for electronic power assist

    I do agree but I did take it to a shop and they said its the rack. I want to think that they checked all of the front end components but you never know. Also, the inner tie rods are inside the boots on each end of the rack but I would think its possible one of those may have slop. They are...
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    Drive belt for electronic power assist

    Did the belt did your problem? What were the symptoms? My steering wheel seems like it has a little play when I turn it slightly left or right.
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    Play in steering? Steering rack failure due to slop in steering?

    Has anyone seen an electronic power steering rack fail due to mechanical slop or just electrical failure? I have slop in my steering when you move the wheel back and forth slightly and they are telling me I need a new steering rack. I am wondering if I could be lucky and it may just be a...
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    2017 Steering Issues and code C15C1 EPS Mechanical Performance

    My 2017 1500 Express has had steering issues the last few days and the steering wheel symbol with '!' light in the dash came on today and stayed on for a couple miles until I stopped and shut off the truck at a store. It was gone when I started the truck again and I drove 20 more miles home and...
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    Climate Control Module

    Yes, that must be tough. I don't have that problem. I just want to upgrade me HVAC controls.
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    Climate Control Module

    I want to know why they raised this module cost from a little over $100 to over $600 . Did they do it to stop people from doing the 8.4 radio/heater bezel upgrades for a lot less than buying the cost of these options from the factory?
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    DIY: 2013-2017 RA3/RA4 8.4" Radio Upgrade/HVAC Conversion

    I want to add the MTC or single zone ATC bezel but the #68268186AA is now so expensive that it makes it not worth it. Is there another module or solution?
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    Garage door opener

    Do you keep your truck locked? Does it have a factory alarm system? If they're going to break into something wouldn't it be easier to break into your house then the truck?
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    Steering wheel controls

    No. Alfa OBD is not needed. I just bought used leather steering wheel with them already in it. It wasn't that hard to install but I didn't need to rent a puller.
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    Clock spring noise

    Does it make a 'scuffing noise' when turning? Mine does that but I don't know why. I did change my steering wheel a while back but don't remember if it was as loud before or less so.
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    Anybody want to loan me $40,000 lol

    Uhfortunately, we are now on the same path and our money will soon be as worthless as theirs.
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    Greetings from Tasmania

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    Black paint….

    I bought a black one because I got a good deal on it. Never again! Every scratch or blemish that wouldn't be noticeable on many other colors show and it's always dirty.
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    5.7 engjne knocking!

    My neighbor has an 09 1500 hemi with 180k miles and it started knocking after getting run 3 quarts low on oil (long story). It seems very, very likely to me that it's a rod knock. The sound is definitely coming from the bottom of the engine. The truck does not have any lifter tick issues and...
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    ROLL-UP INFO: FOTA 18.11.x & uC D/L 18.45.01 SW Update 13-17 RA3/Vp3-NA & Ra4 VP4-NA

    Oh, ok, that makes sense. I still have to do the 18.45.01 update. I assume it like we takes quite a bit less time but I may just do it with the battery charger. We all know idling these hemis for a long time can possibly contribute to the lifter problems. Thanks for putting this thread together...