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    Tow mirrors to regular mirror

    And no harm in one being folded and one not?
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    Sway bar question

    When I had my 2017 Tundra Crew and pulled a 5500 lb TT, 26ft, the most significant help was 10-ply tires at 70 PSI/ I already had a sway bar, airbags, and a correctly set up WD hitch.
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    Tow mirrors to regular mirror

    Not gonna lie, after spending 800 on new OEM power fold mirrors, I'm scared to manually fold them in... LOL
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    AlfaOBD, "Active Blind Spot Present:YES"

    This right here. I added BSM to my 2018 2500 with this post, works great. With the BSM mirrors glass or 5th gen mirrors (re-pinned to 4th gen pin out) it's "factory"
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    How To: Add Factory Keyless Enter N Go

    Did you try again, Only one key in the cab?
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    I can confirm part 68309105AA is the needed harness for a 2018 Ram 2500 tradesman to add rain sense and auto-high beam. This harness has high-beam and rain-sense plugs WITHOUT cab lights.
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    How To Add Heated/Ventelated seats and Heated Wheel to Express/Tradesman

    On the steering wheel, all the "complete" ones on eBay seem to be worn (by complete, I mean the heated ones with all the plastic bits and controls). If I purchase a new steering wheel with heat, and purchase the proper wire harness, and clock spring, I should be able to move my plastics and...
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    2019 HD Tail lights in a 4th gen

    I specifically wanted the Blind Spot monitoring but that looks great option.
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    2019 HD Tail lights in a 4th gen

    I recently completed adding BSM to my 2018 2500 Tradesman with help from @Roman217 I had already converted the original 5" radio to an 8" UAQ from a 2019 1500, for AA, 7 speed fan, single zone ATC, etc with Mike's help I had already added push to start and passive entry with Matt's help (thanks...
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    Alpha obd problems

    I know this was wiring but - For future reference, if using an android device, I have a compete "change log" located on my phone at "\Internal storage\Android\data\com.AlfaOBD.AlfaOBD\files\Android\data\\files\logs" Plug your android device into a PC, allow the connection...
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    Yep, Just need to put my purse down and twist harder...
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    Benny confirmed part 68309105AA is for a 2018 2500 with dual zone ATC, rain sense, auto high/dim, with NO cab lights. I have it on order and will update when I get it installed. How hard do I twist to get the old mirror off... I really don't want to break it off the glass... I see it says...
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    How to Bypass (Trick) Seat Belt Switch

    I turned the dinger off with Alfa, works great when cruising logging roads.
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    Graphene Coating

    I use the turtle was Graphene line, it does great. I apply it with my DA then hand wipe off.
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    DIY: 2013-18 (19 classic) Power Fold Mirror upgrade/Notes

    So I found power fold tow mirrors on ebay, the correct part numbers, and auctions said they were "perfect" and "new take-offs"... BOTH showed up with broken plastic housings on the triangle piece that attaches to the door. They were packed great, it was clearly shipped that way... So they...
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    Here we go again abs/traction control

    Ugh... My ABS/Trac light has been on and off for a few months now as I wait for this HCU part to come into the dealer... Same thing as above... No firm ETA. Driving in freezing and slick conditions is scary without traction control... The truck wanted to go sideways twice getting on the freeway...
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    Second ABS pump motor control replaced

    2018 2500, same issue. Dealer can't get the HCU, been a few months, no ETA in sight. Hopefully this means they are fixing the part that clearly has a defect... Google is full of similar issues with this part.
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    I think 68309100AA is w/o lights. I sent Benny a message for confirmation
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    Totally not ready to cut my roof... lol... Though I did find a good YT video...
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    My truck does not currently have cab lights I assume a harness with cab lights is ok, I just won't use them as I don't have them currently. I cruised Autotrader for 2018 2500 with the options I want - Found this VIN 3C6UR5NL8JG179352 2018 Ram Laramie...
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    How To: Install a 2018 4C (UAQ/UAS) Radio in 2013 - 2017 RAM

    Mine originally did this, You may need to re-set Alfa to Single Zone. Or you may need to set it back to manual and start over. I was able to re- re-set mine to Single zone ATC in Alfa and it took.
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    How To: Install a 2018 4C (UAQ/UAS) Radio in 2013 - 2017 RAM

    First of all, a big thank you to @Mpgrimm2 I couldn't up done this without his help, harnesses, phone call, and emails. I have a 2018 2500 Tradesman, 6.7L I love the power for pulling our trailer (8k 32ft) but it is boring inside compared to our nice loaded 4Runner... With Mike's help and...
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    Best replacement radio for stock 5" LCD

    I have a 2018 tradesman that had the stock 5" radio. When I bought it 6 months ago I put in a Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10.1 inch radio with maestro idatalink. It was great, the maestro allowed me to still control the factory options like trailer, park sense etc. I did pull it out and swapped to a...
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    DIY: 2013-2016 (some 17-18) RearView Mirror Upgrade & Harness install

    2018 Tradesman, 8.4 upgrade, Single Zone ATC, (Dual-zone eventually) Props to @Mpgrimm2 for making that smooth! I see I need a mirror - -2018 PN: 68342284AA (Assist/SoS/UConnect "Connected" AutoDim w/SmartBeam) The harness is the question. I see a 1500 harness with the bits to match the mirror...
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    How to: Add Dual Zone ATC to a Tradesman

    Yeah, I see how easily it comes apart. The one I bought used is sooooo dirty and dusty, if I can take parts from it and transfer to mine, I'm gonna do that, and I know mine fits! There were a few great YT videos in how to disassemble and install the blend door kit too. Thanks for the...