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  1. LumberJakl

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Cleaned up the truck along with the bike awaiting the Canadian winter to pass to ride and enjoy the roads
  2. LumberJakl

    1st ram

    Everything on the truck is original! Other than the noise coming from my 37's tires on the highway, she is still running as if I bought her brand new and I abuse the truck like no other (Well I went through 4 Wheel Hubs, and broke my Icon Coilover when I Duke n Hazard jumped it haha) . Tow's...
  3. LumberJakl

    1st ram

    Congratulations on your new truck and the research you did with the hemi's! Like you said, unregular oil changes and high idles will get you the hemi tick that will result in the lifters going bad and the camshaft. These hemi's hate idle, but they love when you go a little hard on her from time...
  4. LumberJakl

    Off-Road Flatbed design

    Looking forward to this build!
  5. LumberJakl

    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    For sure, I never said it was the trucks fault - its just that I've now experienced the cam lifter failures like other people had. I couldn't ask for a better truck for my needs and it has accomplished it. Now that's its fixed and working 100%, I will stick with it for now until I need to...
  6. LumberJakl

    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    Just had a $6000 repair bill to replace all the lifters and push rods. Surprisingly the Camshaft was in great shape, so that was untouched... 150,000 km on truck, and I have as much idle time as engine hours due to a lot of idle time when I used my truck for work in the oilfield... I think I...
  7. LumberJakl

    Grill Modification

    It defiantly pops out more, very nice
  8. LumberJakl

    Lifted 4th Gen Pics - Show Em Off!

    Bought myself a nice trailer
  9. LumberJakl

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Just dropped off truck at my mechanic, the hemi tick got very louder than usual after sitting for 3 weeks in -30*c weather and missfire on cyl # 7. Hope its not lifters / cam... 150,000km and a shit ton of idling from work use
  10. LumberJakl

    Creative Ham Radio Mounts

    Curious if the frame is plastic or metal. Depending on the length of the antenna, it may cause a lot of stress on the antenna base and break? I do love the product idea
  11. LumberJakl

    ROLL-UP INFO: FOTA 18.11.x & uC D/L 18.45.01 SW Update 13-17 RA3/Vp3-NA & Ra4 VP4-NA

    2017 RAM 1500 w/ 8.4A (RA3 - No Nav) and was running on 17.43.01. Checked Chrysler's website for updates, and there was none available for me (Out of warranty). Downloaded the "Ra3 VP3-NA My13-17 v18.45.01 Fw update Link. (official uC Update 1 11/1/19)" Flashed the truck, update completed with...
  12. LumberJakl

    Core 4x4 UCAs coming by end of Summer

    Wonder if they will have a set for us lifted trucks
  13. LumberJakl

    Long crank when hot outside

    I have same issue on my 2017 (150k km / 93k miles). Cold start has no problem. Once I shut truck off for 15 min, or its already warn, it does it long crank for 5 seconds and struggles to start (But it always starts) I've changed Fuel Pump assembly, CPS, MAP, etc... and no changes. Mechanic...
  14. LumberJakl

    Zone or BDS

    I am very happy with my Zone lift, including the UCA. No problems, and I beat the living **** out of my truck when offroading
  15. LumberJakl

    Engine Long crank issue when warm restart 5.7L - No Codes

    No, not yet... Next route I will be taking is replacing all O2 Sensors and the EVAP system, probably in the next month or so
  16. LumberJakl

    Allow me to Re-Introduce myself

  17. LumberJakl

    2015 ram 1500 sport front sway bar cracked

    I've had my front swaybar removed for about 4 years now. Have not seen a difference, though I have rear Airbags filled all the time so that balances the truck... BUT I am taking a risk if there were to be a accident that something may happen... so be advised
  18. LumberJakl

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Put my Sport bumper back on to relief the weight in the front, kinda liking the original look. There is a company in my country Canada that makes a hidden winch behind the stock bumper and reinforcing the middle area versues the weak stock one, so I am probably get that...
  19. LumberJakl

    Stumped - CV Axle angle looks too far forward

    Well, today I visit my local dealer and luckily there was another truck with the same lift that I took a peak and it's exactly the same way. So, never mind then lol
  20. LumberJakl

    Stumped - CV Axle angle looks too far forward

    Not sure what you mean there, but I'm guessing the cam bolts for the lower control arms? It's still all good, there is CV grease all over cause the boots torn apart. There isn't any fray or stress in the lines when I doubled checked now.
  21. LumberJakl

    Stumped - CV Axle angle looks too far forward

    They have, yes but this was about a 2 years ago. Anyone with a 6" Lift can take a picture inside their wheel well and see how your CV axle align?
  22. LumberJakl

    Stumped - CV Axle angle looks too far forward

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why my CV Axles are moved forward near the knuckle, any ideas? I had the dealership install a new front diff because my old one passenger stub went bad and had no time to wait for part , so I'm wondering if they installed the brackets incorrect... But...
  23. LumberJakl

    Keep or disable DRL?

    In Canada, its by law that you need DRL so I would check your state to see what they require. You could just go rogue and have it off, but like @Socalramfan mentioned - its pretty amazing how people cannot see big trucks. I love the DRL on the highway because people that are on-coming traffic...
  24. LumberJakl

    5th gen Rambar on a 4th gen?

    Take out the Angle Grinder and cut off that outside lip, now you got a modified Rambar