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  1. clay282

    Nexen Roadian HTX2

    That's the problem with Nexen tires... never much information. I got a new set of the Nexen GTX's and really like them. I'd call the Nexen GTX a budget knockoff of the Michelin LTX. But, it was a roll of the dice, because there was pretty much NO information on them.
  2. clay282

    Etorque problem

    The software he's using is witech2 and it's $1600 a year. They do offer a free trial. Almost tempted to get the free trial just to flash update ALL the modules to the most current software. The dealership doesn't even like to acknowledge TSB's let alone update them just to make sure your vehicle...
  3. clay282

    Etorque problem

    Looks like you have to program the MGU (Motor Generator Unit) once you've rebuilt it. All this new stuff is a pain in the ass to find answers for. But I guess we need to learn since electric seems to be part of our future.
  4. clay282

    2019 Etorque Alternator/Generator Repalcement

    I looked these up one time and the MGU (Motor Generator Unit) you're talking about, wasn't very expensive from used, with a warranty. Once I priced the parts used, I wasn't worried about replacing things after the warranty is gone.
  5. clay282

    Who's got a V6 Ram 1500 5th Gen

    @TPar This is my 2nd and both have been great engines. Not sure what happened to yours, but can safely say, there's a reason why the Pentastar stays around. It's been put in more vehicles, driven more miles and earned its record of durability more than any other engine they make... around the...
  6. clay282

    Leveling kit

    Don't go for the full 2.5 inches. It'll look just a hair bit high in front. There's no V6 kits, just universal RAM 1500... The Hemi is heavier. If you go for the full 2.5 inches, it will sit higher because there's less weight than the Hemi.
  7. clay282

    2019 1500 etoque

    Couple questions after reading replies... 1 - If the Etorque "system", as he stated, goes out, you can keep driving it? How does the engine battery get recharged if the Motor Generator Unit drops dead? 2 - What's to stop someone from picking up used parts from LKQonline? I mean... supply and...
  8. clay282

    Cleanest way removing oil filter

    My truck is a Pentastar so I have the cartridge on top BUT! I change the oil on my company car and my moms and a couple friends. My favorite is... a Newks Eatery plastic cup. You get them free and they're perfect to slide over and soft enough to grip. Once I use my hand to break loose the...
  9. clay282

    Oil Leak - But Only When Weather is Cold

    Nissan Frontiers are famous for this. The O ring where the oil cooler connects, does exactly what someone else mentioned. The heat cycles harden it and when winter comes it shrinks in the cold and you get drips. It was probably 20 minutes to replace. Once the gasket or o ring is to that point...
  10. clay282

    Rear backup senors lock up brakes

    It's a safety feature. It's not "advanced", just basic sonar and speed based system. If I back into my garage, it will see the door opening, and if I'm rolling back and not inching back with my foot on the brake, it thinks it's a person or object I MIGHT collide with and locks them up. My...
  11. clay282

    *Blank stare*

    No idea why I ask questions anymore.
  12. clay282

    Rear Window Decals?

    As a Landlord... I have to keep that stuff in check. I'm 3rd generation American born. My lineage is Great Britain, so you can't pick me out of a crowd. What you can pick out of a crowd is political ideology. I let 1 flag go up and next door there's another. Then the political BS signs start...
  13. clay282

    Active Grill Shutter Fin Removal - Better Than I Thought.

    Actually... I'm the one that started this post when I had a gen 4. I now have the 5th gen DT with Etorque and it stays cooler. I don't know if they reconfigured some of the cooling parameters or the MGU needs to stay cooler since it's water cooled and not air cooled like the Hemi or what... but...
  14. clay282

    Alfa OBD and Brake Controller

    That's one helluva savings! Ima need you to go test pull a camper this weekend to see if it works LOL!
  15. clay282

    Etorque and gas mileage

    Mine has the Pentastar V6 and I can tell you with %100 certainty, you CAN tell what Etorque is doing and when it's doing it. This is probably not something you would notice in the Hemi, since it has so much more power and torque, but you can tell, in the V6. The system is imperceptible when...
  16. clay282

    Uconnect Now Limited

    This is an issue across many manufacturers. I had a Hyundai Sonata and they were killing BlueLink because of 3G. Progress marches on... There are MANY options out there, but I will tell you this, if you're open to putting in an aftermarket stereo system, I put an Atoto unit in my old work...
  17. clay282

    2022 Pentastar eTorque V6 4x4 - Low gas milage

    I get 21-22 consistent. A brand new truck will take time to get its groove. Even new tires need miles to loosen up. I drive a lot of highway miles, so I do pay attention to MPG numbers. I added steps and a tonneau to this truck and kept the same 21-22... so I won't be adding anything else. The...
  18. clay282

    cheap aluminum camper for the 5 foot beds

    If you're feeling crafty... there's folks on YouTube that have built their own.
  19. clay282

    cheap aluminum camper for the 5 foot beds

    Good luck! Been looking for a while. Might as well buy a used R-Pod or Jayco Satellite. Bed campers went upscale and are just as expensive unless you want some beat down POS.
  20. clay282

    Can we change fuse positions in the fuse box for an accessory? - USB is always on.

    Yeah soooo I played hell with this issue. I installed a wireless Carplay dongle and it would stay connected if my phone was on the end table that shares a wall with the garage. SO... there's another hidden fuse box UNDER the dash and you have to pull the knee panel to get to it. That's where...
  21. clay282

    What has been you're Ram experiences

    I'm on my second one. First one was a 2016 Big Horn 4x4 with a Pentastar V6 with 70,000 miles. It did everything I ever asked and more. The only issue I ever had was the fuel cap. I'm sure there was something else at play... A new fuel cap every 6 months or so would fix the small evap leak. I...
  22. clay282

    Will the troubles keep coming?

    All trucks are going to have issues. I think you are just worrying yourself over nothing. I would say DO NOT TRADE IT RIGHT NOW! The entire auto market is collapsing, and you will be in the hole screwed if you do anything now. If the lifters worry you, they are a genuine concern if you idle a...
  23. clay282

    Trade In Value Surprise

    ACTUALLY!!! I picked my 2019 up, off lease. I intentionally didn't look for a 2020 or newer because EVERYTHING has gone to hell. I call the 2020-2022's, Covid Cars. Between the plant closures, chip shortages, lot rot and everything else that happened, quality was lost. JD Powers and every...
  24. clay282

    Trade In Value Surprise

    The absolute BOTTOM has dropped out of the market for new and used vehicles. You purchased a 2022 Laramie and gambled on the car game. You lost the bet. Keep the 2022 and pay it down or take the loss and keep going deeper in the hole. I get it. I see what you did. I did it as well and got...
  25. clay282

    2022 Ram 1500 eTorque still has the 8/80 warranty

    I just don't think anyone is trained on it. Then we added the pandemic and parts shortages and suddenly they leave things out General Motors style. IF you push it and know it's covered, they cover it. IF you don't know it's covered and pay out of pocket, they saved some cash. I called 2...