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  1. Plainbroke

    Air ride suspension

    Oh how I wish mine had air ride. But I will just do a 2/4 drop instead. Want to get the progressive springs with 35% more load handling.. Everything I read says they ride great.
  2. Plainbroke

    Tuner for efan engage temp?

    From what I have read in several different forums AlfaObd can not do the temp thing you would need to buy a tuner. And if you are like me your computer is locked it gets really expensive. I was thinking I could put one way choke in line to keep the power from feeding back into the computer and...
  3. Plainbroke

    Tuner for efan engage temp?

    Wild one So you just removed the mechanical and shroud? Thats what I have been wanting to do !!! If I disconnect the efan from the factory wiring and run an aftermarket electric thermostat to operate the fan instead of the factory wiring, would it through a code???
  4. Plainbroke

    DIY - Homelink buttons used as AUX switches!

    Would this work? It is a 40 amp relay.
  5. Plainbroke

    Fender flares, would like opinion

    Had a Black F150 with matt grey fender flares that looked pretty nice. It was a fairly dark grey Just enough difference to make you notice them but not look out of place. It really is just whatever YOU like not what the masses do to look cool. Scuff one of them with scotch brite pad and...
  6. Plainbroke

    Fender flares, would like opinion

    I personally think a gray or silver would look better with your red. Or even White. Just my opinion. You do you.
  7. Plainbroke


    Yes Pictures really helped get mine replaced under Dealer warranty.
  8. Plainbroke

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    I actually like the option 1 the best. Pops better in the pictures.
  9. Plainbroke

    Additional UAQ/UAS Update Files 28.3/30.24/34.2

    The replacement Radio they put in my 2018 is at 39.6 is there a better version the sound is not as good on this radio as the other one with the delamination problem it was on 22.6.
  10. Plainbroke

    Kicking around the idea of replacing mechanical fan with electric one.

    Ok, that sounds like and easy enough thing to try out.
  11. Plainbroke

    How to: V6 Efan Conversion

    Can not afford the "TUNER". That is why I was thinking along the lines of a temp sensor to turn the efan on at a lower temp. Cheaper way to do it. I will have to figure out if the on/off is POWER or Ground myself. Surely I can find a wiring diagram on here somewhere.
  12. Plainbroke

    Is this Radio UAQ UAS?

    My model number off the radio is: 68340153AM Panasonic Automotive Systems model: VP4R-A
  13. Plainbroke

    Cargo Camera Grid lines off

    Is there a place in AlphOBD to turn OFF grid lines on Cargo Camera or that something that is built into my after market camera?
  14. Plainbroke

    RA4 vs UAQ

    Yikes, Ok, not what I was hoping to find out. I will just have to pray that is what they installed. Thanks for the Information...
  15. Plainbroke

    How to: V6 Efan Conversion

    I was asking about the 3.7L V6 fans that are one speed/on or off fans. Not the newer V8 fans that are variable speed fans. I was thinking I could put a one way resistor in the power lines to the efan so that the fan would work "normally" and the temp sensor would provide the power at say 200...
  16. Plainbroke

    Tires affecting MPG

    ^^^^ LOL
  17. Plainbroke

    RA4 vs UAQ

    And how do you know if the replacement is the 2nd generation, when they replace the UAS in your truck?
  18. Plainbroke

    How do I tell what model radio I have? 2018 Ram 1500

    Just had the radio replaced in my 2018 Ram. It had a 8.4 UAS, and it had the delamination issue. The dealer I bought it from sold me the bumper to bumper 7yr extended warranty. Thank the LORD for that. Anyways, the radio was replaced today. I went out to restore the settings since they had...
  19. Plainbroke

    Death of the V8 & birth of a.... Inline 6?

    One thing about a inline 6 you will be hard pressed to blow it up. Most of them will not turn enough rpms to hurt the motor and the inline setup is smoother running less vibration, the old 300 ford 6 was tough as nails. we drained to water and oil out of one and drove it 16 miles from one town...
  20. Plainbroke

    STUMPED! 03 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi 4wd overheating

    When you replaced the serpentine belt did you happen put the new one on so that it is turning the water pump the wrong direction? My son did that when he used a different belt to bypass the a/c unit one night in the dark. It was the only way that belt seemed to fit the pulleys.
  21. Plainbroke

    Better flowing intake for 5.7 w/Ecodiesel lower airbox

    Used MagicMarker and cut original bottom air box for the larger intake for box fit like a glove. Noticed the Air Intake Temp is lower, which should result in more umph the change in airflow has to be quite a bit since the size is about half again bigger into lower part of airbox. Plenty of...
  22. Plainbroke

    Airlift 1000 HD for Adjust the Back with Bed Rack

    What is the issue with the airbags inside the rear springs? They sound perfect to be able to level the truck with a large trailer or a bunch of extra stuff in the bed.
  23. Plainbroke

    Put on your thinking caps guys, I need some feedback!

    Have you personally looked under the truck to see if the rear sway bar is still there? Sway bar bushings are a wear item just like shocks. Shock bushings can cause that feel you are describing. Sway bar bushings can cause the feeling you are describing also. A tire with broken belt can cause...
  24. Plainbroke

    How to: V6 Efan Conversion

    Has anyone tried the old-fashioned way of turning efans on and off at certain temps? Fan switch Just curious if our fans use ground to turn the fan on or they use power to turn the fan on. Old efans used ground. You could even wire in a toggle switch back then for full on cooling in traffic or...
  25. Plainbroke

    Electric cooling fan question

    Everything I have read unless the A/C is on, that fan does not come on until 230* per the computer factory settings.