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    Well that’s disappointing

    Fwiw, I have a 2022 1500 limited with e-torque. Your first two statements are not really accurate. The start/stop with HVAC depends on the cabin temp. So it may actually stop the engine if the temp is close to the HVAC setting. It also does work with the headlights on. Personally I don't...
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    "Shippable" to "shipped" time frame

    Scheduled: C sub firm D firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available D1 gateline schedule - scheduled to be built Assembly Line: E frame F paint G trim Assembly Completed: I built not ok'd J built ok'd JB shipped to body vendor JE emission check JS shipped to storage KZ...
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    Just cancelled Sirius. Is there something better or as good?

    Everything folks are saying about Sirius deals are true of course. Here is something that might also be useful. You actually don't have to give them a CC. If you insist, they will bill you and you can pay online or with a paper check.
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    weather app wont load

    Fwiw, I have a 2022 1500 Limited and weather app / gas prices also didn't work. I deleted my profile and restarted the radio and they started working within about 10 minutes. I'm unsure if creating a new profile will affect things or not, but at least they work for the moment.
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    New to Forum - Some thoughts on Tires for RAM 2022 1500 Limited

    Hi All - Six plus months ago I ordered a 2022 RAM 1500 Limited, and if things go well I may be able to finally pick it up next week. I got most all of the options except the Night Edition Package, RAM Boxes, and the 22" tires / wheels (I went with the 20" tires/wheels). You all probably know...
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    New 2022 Ram 1500 Limited Owner

    And for mine I ordered L1 equipment group, sunroof, multifunction tailgate, 33 gallon tank, tow package, 3.92 axle / anti spin, Body color bumper group, and something called Mopar paint protection film. Paint is billet silver metallic.
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    New 2022 Ram 1500 Limited Owner

    Hi, I'm also new to the forum and have a 2022 Ram 1500 Limited on order. For reference, I placed my order on September 5th of last year. I got a VIN and "D" status within a week. Five + months later it has gone to D1 status (which means they have all the parts to build it) and the build...