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    5w 20 or 5w30

    My solution was to use 5-20 PUP full synthetic with a can of BG MOA and I change it at 50% life. Just rolled 70k yesterday, no tick and carries the same oil pressure it did with 100 miles on it. I dropped the factory oil at around 700 miles and have used the afore mentioned since. My...
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    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    The location of the oil filter on the 5.7 Hemi. Oily arm every time, lol.
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    Why is there a Classic?

    It was the aesthetics for me.
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    Hi Mark, Welcome!
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    First time truck owner - and LOVING IT!

    Just a warning: Once you've owned a truck you will always have to have one, just saying. Welcome to the club!
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    First Time Ram Owner

    Nice truck! Congrats
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Changed the oil, rotated tires on Thanksgiving. I gave thanks to have the ability to do it.
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    New Ram owner. I crossed over. I may have made the wrong choice

    Good luck! You're going to love your new to you truck. I never worry about the MDS and can't see how it couldn't be saving me fuel. I do a lot of highway driving and like seeing the eco light on, lol. CHANGE THE OIL REGULARLY is good advise for any vehicle. DUH! Welcome to the Ram family brother!
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Had new tires put on, including alignment. Michelin 275/60/20 Defender LTX. Nice and quiet. There was still a little life on the old ones, getting squirrelly on wet roads though.
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    Oil change - Not at the RAM dealership?

    Thankfully still able to do it my self. Also rotate tires with every oil change 5k+/-. Wouldn't feel comfortable letting most people work on my truck and don't want to pay the premium for the people I do feel confident in, lol.
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Oil and filter PUP 5w20 K&N oil filter @ 48% life left (5k+/-). Rotated the tires. My inexpensive Harbor Freight torque wrench died, lol. Cleaned and dressed the K&N air filter. General maintenance, life of a vehicle.
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    What does everyone name their trucks?

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    Another MDS Question..... Oh NO! Not Again?

    Having it on doesn't bother me. But if you want it off then by all means shut it off. My thing is, use a good oil and filter and change it around 5k miles. No tick, fingers crossed. Best wishes!
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    From Ram to Ridgeline, back to Ram!

    Welcome! Ridgeline? What were you thinking, lol. Just kidding, sort of, lol.
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    Synthetic oil or not?

    I believe in synthetic oil one hundred percent!
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    questions about my first oil change

    About synthetic oil. Around 25 years ago +/- I had a 3500 Chevy (ol'blue) 350 engine. Was flying up 95 lickity split when I noticed there wasn't any oil pressure, the temperature was fine. Took the next turn off and found an empty oil pan. The neoprene washer had a chunk out of it draining the...
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Oil / filter change, tire rotation. Gotta love the filter location, it's a great test of patience.
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    What motor oil and oil filter do you use and why?

    PUP 5w20, K&N filter, and a can of BG-MOA More importantly it gets changed around 5k +/-
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    Bonehead moment

    Been there and done that, twice! I consciously check the camera now.
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    Maryland/Virginia Members?

    Sterling VA
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    New Hat and Shoes

    Very nice
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    Harbor freight jackstand recall

    I just took two pair of 6 ton stands back to HF yesterday. I got $84 and change on a gift card. But spent $119 and change on two new pairs from Amazon. With that said I appreciate the recall (heads up) better safe than sorry. The new stands are also 6 ton and have a second safety devise. No hard...
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    First self oil change & FAIL

    This just confirms why I buy them new and do my own maintenance. Tire rotation is important and I've never liked the air wrench used on wheels, have replaced many a stud from overly aggressive "mechanics". As a previous poster said wait till you get to the oil filter, lol.
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    Rotary Shifter

    You'll get used to it. I've also done the fan dial a couple times, lol.