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  1. jedeisurf

    Crown 4" lowering springs

    If you only want a 2/4 drop the crown rear springs are firm but ride very nice, much nicer that the BT springs.
  2. jedeisurf

    Why are my rocker arms so loose?

    Just a guess could the deck highth of the new heads be different than stock, causing the need for custom length pushrods?
  3. jedeisurf

    New shorty headers on the market, I think.

    It's been 10 months since the install everything is still good, they still look good no leaks , the install was straight forward no mods needed just a PITA. David
  4. jedeisurf

    Crown 4" lowering springs

    Thanks Colvin for the reply I was beginning to think no one uses crown rear lowering springs you told me just what I wanted to know. Thanks David
  5. jedeisurf

    Crown 4" lowering springs

    Is anyone using the crown 4" rear drop springs on a 4/6 drop, if so how much did you have to cut off the coil and how is the ride compared to belltech springs Thanks David
  6. jedeisurf

    Wheels to fit a lowered ram

    Do you have any photos with the 305/50/20 and the 295/45/20 tires Thanks David
  7. jedeisurf

    BBK header quality

    Hi Tim, I installed a set of those headers 3 months ago the quality of them was amazing they are truly 16 ga 304 non magnetic on the tubes only, the flanges are a type of magnetic steel Would guess mild steel that is chrome plated. The tubes are 1 5/8" od not 1 3/4", the welds look great only...
  8. jedeisurf

    Best setup for towing travel trailer when lowered

    I think you should research weight distribution hitches, I have setup station wagons to tow 28' travel trailers with only transmission coolers in the 90's
  9. jedeisurf

    Please look at your rear brake lines if running oversize tires and lowered

    I went to change out my muffler and found my passenger side rear brake line has been rubbing on the tire
  10. jedeisurf

    Going to cut the bumpstop cups off, how where do I put the new universal ones?

    This is what I used they are plenty strong, but I can't remember if I used a uni bit to make the hole larger or not.
  11. jedeisurf

    Going to cut the bumpstop cups off, how where do I put the new universal ones?

    Hi i used 3/8" "toggler" snap toggles in the holes with belltech 4923 bumpstops
  12. jedeisurf

    towing with a lowered express

    All you need is a weight distribution hitch.
  13. jedeisurf

    My '15 crew cab layin frame on 26s

    Dude your truck looks great but you got to retrofit your tail lights
  14. jedeisurf

    Right way to lower 2016 R/T ram

    If you want to go that low check out Inez hotrods kits they offer a 3", 4"and 5" drop for the front and a 4" to 7" for the rear.
  15. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    Hi Quicksilver337 what are your thoughts on the kyb shocks
  16. jedeisurf

    Has anyone raised their battery tray

    When I was running a BT 2/4 I never had any problems with the stock 275/60/20 tires or my current 305/50/20 tires when I installed my Inez 4" drop in the front I was hitting all of the time, had to install a 1" spacer and still hit occasionally, I have busted out one inner fender mounts on the...
  17. jedeisurf

    Has anyone raised their battery tray

    Hi I am thinking about raising my battery tray because with a 4" drop in the front I am hitting the battery tray very often with my tires. Has anyone done this or a battery relocation? Thanks David
  18. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    quicksilver I am glad that you asked this question, I just ordered my 3/4 a-arms and 4 link relocation brackets today and was wanting to know which Qa1 shock to use in the rear also. David
  19. jedeisurf

    Pedal commander.

    Call Matt he will be able to hook you up.
  20. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    Thanks, with my belltech 2/4 kit the tie rods are screwed all the way in and is not in alignment spec and it pulls to the right the only way to get any adjustment is to cut the outer tie rod and inner tie rod camber is also at max setting and not in spec that is the reason that I want the inez...
  21. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    rtorres51 how much did you need to trim your tie rods, did you have to trim just the inner or the outers too. thanks
  22. jedeisurf

    problems running staggered tire sizes

    Hi I am currently running 305/50/20 tires with a bell tech 2/4 kit thinking of running 275/55/20 in the front because of clearance problems going to the Inez 4/6 kit, what issues can I expect doing this. Possible rotation problems? Thanks
  23. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    Thanks for the info I have all of those cutting tools available to me and I usually use a forklift don't have a car lift.
  24. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    Do you know how wide your wheels are and what their offset is I an currently running 305/50/20 on stock 8'' wheels with 19.5 offset 2/4 BELLTECH drop around 3/4" clearance on control arm
  25. jedeisurf

    Inez Hotrods 4/6 Drop

    Ok cool are you happy with your inez kit ,I have been waiting to here some reviews before I buy. Thanks