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  1. JohnCA

    Transfer case failure

    Time to get some diff protection, the front cover is easy to damage. Maple offroad makes a 3/8 steel guard bolts right up
  2. JohnCA

    Wheel & Tire Question

    If you want to keep running with the larger tires you could get a 255/80R17 for your spare, as for the effect of larger tires, you do lose power both from the additional rotational mass and the less RPM your engine turns to achieve the same driven speed.
  3. JohnCA

    Axle noise….2017 Ram 2500 4x4 3.73 Anti Spin rear axle question.

    I would call Transtar in Dallas and ask for the names of a couple local transmission shops who do lots of axle work. I use to work for the Canadian subsidiary and most sales people will tell you what shops they would trust, and most tranny shops do complete driveline repairs. Transmission shops...
  4. JohnCA

    Who did you consider for a Limited Slip rear end conversion?

    This is just my dime (Canada no longer uses pennies) Most transmission shops are full driveline shops and typically do more differential work than dealerships or even 4x4 shops. As in a tranny shop might have 1-2 builders and 2-4 R&R guys that have been working on drivelines for 15-30+ years, a...
  5. JohnCA

    Transmission Shift Solenoid

    As someone who sold transmission parts for 5 years I can tell you there are only 3 solenoid blocks, black (the oldest for 45 rfe and not used anymore) white (came out for 545 RFE) and gray (came out with the 65RFE) gray blocks have been a long time problem, the thing is white can be used in...
  6. JohnCA

    M² Mods Intro & Project List

    Not sure if you ship to canada, but I would like to get the Foglight Extension Harness for a 2017 ram 3500