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    RV Towing Newbie

    I'm not even sure it's an XLT Super Crew, I think it might be an XL to get rid of a few options, I can't recall. But there's a LOT of guys over on the Ford forums who are trying to find used ones...and it's like guys, good luck, the people that have them likely ordered them because they had a...
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    Payload Capacity

    Yeah I think this was brought in as a warning to this thread, I remember seeing the original thread on here. And you're right, anything that moves the COG behind the rear axle is a no-go, which this guy did by putting such a heavy camper on the truck to begin with, then adding the motorcycle...
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    RV Towing Newbie

    For those of you who are trying to figure out the rhyme/reason for numbers on RVs today: As someone who was in the RV industry for a while, the numbers...don't actually mean much anymore other than a manufacturing code. From what I can tell every manufacturer does things just a little different...
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    What should I pay for an 18 with leather/sunroof non rambox with approx 55k on it.

    That's why I'm out of the truck market right now. Between having to wait for whatever I order, plus the possibility of used values tanking, I'll sit on what I've got right now. That said, my neighbor bought a 2012 chevy 2500 gasser with 100k on the clock for 30k last year...rust bubbles on the...
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    RV Towing Newbie

    I'm skipping a lot of posts, because most of the smart guys have already chimed in, but there's ONE point that might not have been made that I'd like to make: Figure out what trailer you want and will suit your needs before deciding on a truck. If you're sticking with a travel trailer (some...
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    Max towing, for real...

    Oh I am absolutely agreeing with you. Having worked in the auto industry (and still partially attached to it), I know what their thought process is on their approach to building vehicles that a lot of people don't seem to get anymore. If they can save a nickel now, and slap a limit on the...
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    Another can I tow this. Lol

    It's a good point, and those measurements will get you VERY CLOSE to being back where everything belongs. The only way to truly dial it in is with a scale. I have personally had enough experience over the years to know when it's pretty darn close.
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    All Rams have Brake Controller Hookup Under Dash?

    If you only plan on doing the brake controller, it's worth it to see what the dealer will install the whole thing for. Apples to oranges, but my wife's F150 didn't have a controller but had everything else. We only ever pull my flatbed trailer with her truck, but it's got brakes so we wanted...
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    Max towing, for real...

    I've often wondered how a conversation like this would go with some of the guys I've seen in an RV park. Then I take a look at the family and decide it simply isn't worth it because they don't really look like they would take too kindly to being questioned. Glad you found someone willing to...
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    Max towing, for real...

    This is where I tend to fall. Sure, manufacturers play games with DOT to make insurance companies and various states happy, but for the most part they do a LOT of stress analysis on the vehicles the build. Sure, tow ratings and payloads are up from where they were 20-30 years ago, absolutely...
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    Busted drag link

    That's fine and dandy, but I want the sunroof WITHOUT the premium uConnect system. You can't do that per Ram's configurator.
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    Busted drag link

    I guess I'd have to look at one again, but the last big screen I saw in a 2019 or 2020 Rebel I didn't care for - other than the temp and fan knob there were NO controls available for the HVAC, which to me seems pretty stupid - if the screen locks up in the winter then you can't make any...
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    Horse trailer+ slide in camper? Or LQ?

    There really isn't much to do here except echo all the responses you've already gotten. 2500s aren't really the best truck for a slide-in truck camper in general, and if you're going to tow a heavy load behind it they REALLY aren't the right truck for it. If you DO want to go this route, I would...
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    What should I pay for an 18 with leather/sunroof non rambox with approx 55k on it.

    Everyone hates on the 6 speed. Maybe it's because I don't generally drive on the expressway that often, but I have had no issues with mine. Cruising on a rural highway I throw down around 17-18 mpg. That said, that's about what blue book on these things is right now...last I checked anyway.
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    Busted drag link

    It seems I stand corrected then - I had not heard anything about them starting to replace the bad ones. It's about time then.
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    Busted drag link

    See my problem isn't the prices of new trucks. It is the packaging. It is disappointing that to buy a new 2023, in order to get a sunroof I ALSO have to get the 12" screen. I would prefer the smaller screen, because that monster screen has a higher likelyhood of reflecting sunlight into my eyes...
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    Busted drag link

    Given what the issue with the 2016/2017 drag link was (improperly cut threads), I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the nut backed off. More likely the threads pulled out finally (which is what the recall stated there was a risk of), and thankfully happened in a parking lot instead of...
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    Busted drag link

    Because the official fix from FCA is to weld everything, which means if you ever need an alignment, you have to purchase a new drag link (instead of just replacing it up front). Yes, you can buy the updated one and get reimbursed for it, but that's extra paperwork that shouldn't have to be...
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    6.4l issues. 911 im lost and dont have a kitchen sink to throw at it.

    I understand not wanting to pay dealership prices, but if you don't have a scanner to pull codes and check various parameters to find out what's wrong on these newer vehicles, it's going to be cheaper and easier for you to at least head to a good mechanic and have them diagnose it. Sure, it's...
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    6.4 Hemi oil temps

    This is pretty much it right here. IIRC the 6.4 is spec'd to use synthetic oil only, which can handle higher temps anyway. Couple that with the need to run hotter to burn off condensation, and I believe the oil cooler is cooled by the coolant anyway, and your oil temp, once you're up to...
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    2012 Ram 1500 Towing Question

    If I recall the 454 in the mid-90s had a redline right about 4200 rpm and a max rpm of about 4700. It also had an aluminum camshaft timing sprocket coated in a nylon-based plastic to 'quiet it down' that would come apart at about 100k miles. The cover would come off, then the aluminum teeth...
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    Driver's side mirror

    Yeah I can get why going the insurance route is concerning you...Sounds like you need to live/work in an area where you aren't parking on the street. (I jest - I know many don't have the option). Does make me glad I live in the country, work at a place with a fenced-in lot, and rarely have to...
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    Driver's side mirror

    Agreed. I have heard of stranger laws but if it's just a panel dent in the door it should be fixable without replacement. As for your mirror costs, I could ABSOLUTELY believe it could run $1k or better - you've got the memory function, meaning the mirrors auto-adjust to your last saved setting...
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    Sway bar question

    I agree that you should try without upgrading anything first - a properly set up WDH with sway control might be all you need, especially since you're looking at only 4-5k. IF it still feels squirrelly in the rear, then yes, an upgraded sway bar will likely help - really anything that stiffens...
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    tie rod ends?

    The boys in this thread are correct, if it's clunking then it should be replaced. To answer your specific question about if it's normal for them to flop They shouldn't 'flop' around, but you may be able to get a firm grip on them and make them rotate..but they should be stiff, it...

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