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    iphone 14 pro max charging issue

    I have a iPhone 13pro and it will not charge V unless I take it out of the case.
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    2023 ram rebel class 1V hitch

    That is pathetic!!! With the prices of new trucks, and they cheap out on a hitch, what’s next! Think of the people who buy one without knowing, and start towing a camper only to find out the hitch can’t handle the weight. They keep bragging about the towing capacity, and it seems to go up with...
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    Ride Quality, Rebel vs Laramie

    You also have 4th gen Rebel wheels & tires which are D rated so the ride would be better than the 5th gen with 18" wheels and E rated tires.
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    Ride Quality, Rebel vs Laramie

    The ride would probably be a lot closer if the Rebel didn't have E rated tires. The pressures Ram recommends are 55 front and 45 rear. The tires are heavy and stiff. The 4th gen Rebels had D rated tires. I don't understand why they changed on a 1/2 ton truck.
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    Air ride & speed and

    I have noticed a difference in the ride as well when it's in Aero mode.
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    Air ride & speed and

    You can turn Aero Mode off. It's in the settings.
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    Incredible!!! You are not talking to people on the Chevy or Ford forums. You are speaking to people who want to love and defend Ram here. I owned one, loved the truck while I had it, and wanted it to be great. But you clearly haven't spent much time on the Ecodiesel forum. When I owned mine...
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    Air Suspension owners get in here...

    Bought mine in January of 18 also. No problems thus far.
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    Is it safe to disable MDS on a regular basis?

    I actually took a 200 mile trip on an interstate in my state. I run the mds on one way, turned it off on the trip back. It gained 2 tenths mpg with the mds turned off...
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    Is it safe to disable MDS on a regular basis?

    I am somewhat confused as I see a quite a few folks like yourself who say they can't tell when it's on. And then there are the ones like me, who it drives them nuts when it comes on. Mine has such a vibration and just the feel itself is very annoying. There has to be differences in the trucks or...
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    Edge Pulsar Customer Service??? Or lack thereof!!!

    Thank you to everyone for all your support. I finally received a refund today after filing the complaint with the BBB yesterday. I'm glad this nightmare is over!!!
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    Edge Pulsar Customer Service??? Or lack thereof!!!

    Today makes 1 month since the Pulsar was shipped back to Edge and no refund!!! I filed a case with the Utah Better Business Bureau today. Hopefully that will help??? This is completely unacceptable, and I hope anyone considering buying an Edge product will rethink their decision. You have been...
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    Edge Pulsar Customer Service??? Or lack thereof!!!

    I was doing the manual shift to turn it off before I spent nearly $500 to take care of that. After driving around for a few months having to still do things the way I did before, I felt kinda stupid for spending that much money for nothing. Yes, the extra power was nice, but it came with the...
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    Edge Pulsar Customer Service??? Or lack thereof!!!

    Keeping you guys updated if your considering an Edge Product. Another week has gone by, and still no refund or response from Edge. Nick has contacted them twice in the last couple days and no response to him either. So be forewarned if you are thinking about buying their products. My next step...
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    Diesel with Air Leveling

    Where are you located?
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    Edge Pulsar Customer Service??? Or lack thereof!!!

    Just wanted to make you guys aware of my experience with EDGE. I was one of the first to buy the Pulsar after it's release. I purchased from Nick at Gotexhaust on 03/27/18. Shortly after installing the Pulsar I noticed a surge at very light throttle. I waited to see if anyone else was...
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    Hellwig 7708 and 7709 Sway Bars

    Not to steal your thread, but giving you a bump too. Since 'move over' has sold the rear, I also have a 6 month old, like new Hellwig rear sway bar if anyone is interested. "SOLD"
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    No Diesel engine for 2019???

    I think they are trying to correct the dependability issues they were having with the current ecodiesels and making sure they beat ford and the upcoming gm 1/2 ton diesel output and mpg. Rumor has them coming out in the summer of 2019. This is to be an improved and updated ecodiesel built in a...
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    Tailgate making a popping noise

    I had the same issue with my 17 Ram R/T. Took it in and the tech adjusted something on the tailgate and it was perfect after that. 30 minutes at most.
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    Pedal Commander For 2018 2500

    Sorry about that. Wish people would remove ads after they sell.
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    Pedal Commander For 2018 2500
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    Need Advice - 18 Laramie/3.0-Liter V6 EcoDiesel Engine - Enough Power?

    I had a 2016 Ecodiesel and the power was excellent. The power the diesel delivers feels completely different than a gas motor. That's why you have the diesel crowd that are so into their trucks and would never own a gas engine. I absolutely loved the truck but I traded it after only 6 months due...
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    New Edge Pulsar Tuner

    I'm glad some of you are starting to notice the surge other than Red Squirrel and myself. I love the concept of turning the MDS off and the 30 extra horsepower. I just find the surge to be totally unacceptable for a new product claiming to do this. It's as aggravating as the MDS is to start...
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    Edge Products Pulsar Module for 5.7 AND 6.4 at Got Exhaust

    That is indeed the closest I could get to describing it. I told Edge I thought it is was when MDS was trying to engage or disengage even though I was running a setting that it should not be operating. I would (and still get) about a 50 RPM surge that is very noticeable, and even shows on the...
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    New Edge Pulsar Tuner

    What year is your truck? I'm starting to wonder if it's an 18 thing.