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  1. 2018HarvestRam

    2018 ram 1500 with 8.4 uconnect delamination

    My 2018 Harvest Edition is doing the same thing, Screen is delaminating and the stereo system goes haywire for no apparent reason. The first time it did it, I could put my finger over the screen (not touching it) and it would change stations or bands but also doing it all by itself! This past...
  2. 2018HarvestRam

    Water Leak!

    I noticed moisture in my storage tray under the drivers side rear seat! Is that an area that others are seeing moisture issues in this thread too? My shark fin antenna would be above that general area.
  3. 2018HarvestRam

    Slow filling gas tank

    I think the nozzle getting stuck is one problem which is due to the angle BUT the other problem is the pump keeps shutting off due to back-pressure. It takes me 20 minutes to put in about 13 gallons of fuel. According to threads I've seen, the location of the breather tube is too low on the...
  4. 2018HarvestRam

    Slow filling gas tank

    My 2018 is having the same issue, I called the 1.800.992.1997 and gave them all the information I had! Anything shared by Customer care would be greatly appreciated because it takes 20+ minutes to to fill my truck and that's 1/2 a tank (13 gallons).
  5. 2018HarvestRam

    2018 RAM 1500 Fuel Tank Fill Issue

    Thanks, thankfully I have a second vehicle I can drive while I tinker with my truck! Did you have to drop the tank to replace the evap canister?
  6. 2018HarvestRam

    2018 RAM 1500 Fuel Tank Fill Issue

    Atcer2018, is the charcoal canister located on the filler tube inside the fender? I've had problems filling the truck the last two times but have always had to play with the nozzles since I bought it! The last two times have been squeeze, click, wait, repeat! took me 20 minutes once to put in 15...