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  1. Bennyrok

    March 2022 Winner - Socalramfan

    I most certainly know the meaning of moding a truck!! I really love the look, and the stance! Not too much, not too little. I've spent 5 years and around ten grand to do the work I did, and I have no regrets!! Beautiful, and tough looking truck you have there.
  2. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    The seat covers are from clazio seat covers, there cost? $750,00 dollars and they fit like gloves and are fairly easy to install.
  3. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    I added every single tiny different piece to this truck!! yes I did. :)
  4. Bennyrok

    Truck of the Month Contest is Coming Back!

    I'm a bit pressed for time so I won't be able to list all the mods that are in and on this truck, most of them speak for themselves I hope. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  5. Bennyrok

    Truck of the Month Contest is Coming Back!

    Not quite sure if any voting has been done or gets done! but here are a few pics of my mass based modded RAM, :)
  6. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    I still have them! but one of them has a leak and during the winter some water gets behind the lens and makes one of the light function improperly. Hell if you lived close to me I'd give them to ya.
  7. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    Yea! she's an 8 speed, I haven't adjusted the truck yet for the 37's and it's shifting kind of separately at times but it does well. Sucks up the gas fast!!! 10 miles to the gal.
  8. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    To tell you the truth! they went in fairly easy, I bought two sets just in case. I've had them in for three years and no leaks yet! But I'm also a plumber, and am really good at preventing leaks.
  9. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    Just a few more pics of the truck at different times of the day.
  10. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    The mori-moto headlights came stock like that, the spyder headlights I had to take apart and paint and pinstripe the inside of them for that effect.
  11. Bennyrok

    A Very Different 4th Gen Ram.

    I bought this 2014 bighorn ram used, it was a year old with 22,000 miles on it. When I saw it on the lot for sale? I had to have it! I could almost see it already moded. This is what it looked like when I purchased it. The first thing I did was wash, and wax it, then I added smoked rain guards...
  12. Bennyrok

    Why are manufacturers still putting chrome on trucks?

    Now this is my kina RAM. Very nice! keep up the good work!
  13. Bennyrok

    Why are manufacturers still putting chrome on trucks?

    I can most certainly agree that a lot of people like the blacked out look, and that they should make the chrome package optional. BUT!! myself? I love the look of chrome, and I like the blacked out look, so I guess its to each his own. For my 2014 simple black bighorn? I had plans, and it took...
  14. Bennyrok

    Hello everyone, new here.

    Welcome to the forum, When I bought my 2014 Ram it was one year old and had 20.000 miles on it. first pic I wasn't really sure what to do with it at that time, I hadn't found this forum yet, so I used U-Tube. second pic. I came up with this small transformation. After much more research, lots of...
  15. Bennyrok

    Who is 100% satisfied with your seat covers....

    I'm no expert, BUT" I have been around for some 60 years and have seen a lot of seat covers. and have also bought a few. I bought my Clazio's a few years ago and am getting in and out of this truck constantly with my work clothes on and they can be really dirty at times, if anything gets on...
  16. Bennyrok

    37s with new rims and sliders

    I can most certainly appreciate, and respect 37's and the color scheme. Great looking truck" what I did to prevent any slight rubbing of the plastic wheel wall guard was drill a small hole near the rubbing area take a stainless nail twist a metal line around around it pull it through the hole...
  17. Bennyrok

    Katzkin leather seats

    I took it off the tailgate to replace it with a red and black one, so I re-double sided taped that one and cleaned the area with alcohol and stuck it on the console, its a little gaudy but I kinda like it.
  18. Bennyrok

    Katzkin leather seats

    Yep! Those are sweet...…..
  19. Bennyrok

    new member from maryland

    Welcome to the forum, I bought my 2014 Ram Bighorn preowned in 2015 and over the last 5 years I've transformed it from the first pic to what you see and I love this dam truck, it looks killer and runs like a dream. So! mod away! and enjoy the fruits of your labor. :)
  20. Bennyrok

    Katzkin leather seats

    I went with Clazio, they are firkin great. I've had them about a year now and they look as good today as the day I bought them. I ended up having the headrests embroided by them after I took these pics, so they look even better now.
  21. Bennyrok

    New grill inserts

    I myself have done a few grill and front end changes over the past 5 years, this is a 2014 RAM Bighorn.
  22. Bennyrok

    new member

    Welcome aboard, I bought my 2014 RAM Bighorn 5 years ago used, and turned it into this. Its the best truck ive ever owned barr none. :)
  23. Bennyrok

    Another new member

    Welcome to the board, modding can be costly!! but great fun and success stories.
  24. Bennyrok

    2018 powerwagon with new wheels/tires!

    Nice trucks guys!! rugged looking...…. I'm running 37 X 12.5's with a 10 X 20 MotoMetal rim wit no rubbing on the truck except for the plastic liner in the wheel-walls, all I did was pull them back about a 1/4 inch and I get no rubbing at all. when I measured a power wagon and a 2500 they were...
  25. Bennyrok

    New member from Richmond,KY

    No pics of your RAM??