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  1. HEMI_Finn

    Cooper Tires - Normal or Defects?

    Some of that staining almost looks like there wasn't enough carbon black added to the rubber. Rubber isn't naturally black.
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    New in Ohio

    Welcome from another Ohioan! You said you're looking for fun things to do to your truck? I highly recommend adding a Pedal Commander, one of the best bang for your buck mods out there!
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    I live in NEO too. I've been getting my '14 done with Fluid Film since I went to VA in 2016 and got it. No rust and no regrets.
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    Just cancelled Sirius. Is there something better or as good?

    Sirius for $5 a month is hard to beat. Been doing it that way for years.
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    Uconnect 8.4 soft reboot

    My wife's '17 Charger has the nav issue, thinks it's 150 miles east of where it is. The dealer said they found an update that should fix it but they can't get it to load onto a usb drive!:rolleyes:
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Upgraded the rear control arms, upper and lower, to fixed length Core 4x4 control arms. The oem arms were to the point that when hitting a bump or even going across railroad tracks it would feel like an angry god would slap the *** end of the truck sideways! At higher speeds it was downright...
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    Bilstein 5100's failed in less than 40k miles?

    Just less than 4 years/40k miles and my Bilstein 5100's seem to have failed. My front end bounces up and down like a rabbit on crack! Anyone else have a problem with theirs? I know these have a lifetime warranty, I've contacted the vendor and I'm waiting to hear from back from them.
  8. HEMI_Finn

    How hard or what problems when you change the oil?

    A Fumoto Oil Drain Valve will make that a non issue! Been using them on all my vehicles for almost 20 years.
  9. HEMI_Finn

    Quad Cab Running Board Step Pad

    Thank you very much!
  10. HEMI_Finn

    Quad Cab Running Board Step Pad

    Hi Benny, They are the tube style but they are the wheel to wheel version. Thank you
  11. HEMI_Finn

    Quad Cab Running Board Step Pad

    Hello, I'm looking for the drivers side running board step pad. It measures approx. 68" x 4" , vehicle is a 2014 Ram 1500 Quad cab, Sport. Running boards are factory. Thank you, Mark
  12. HEMI_Finn

    Diablo i2 "This vehicle is not supported"

    @BigRed4x4 - What was the outcome? I tried doing a data log and it's telling me my vehicle isn't supported. My wifi network doesn't show up and it seems to be stuck in a loop no matter what I try to do. I wonder if one of Diablo's updates bricked it?
  13. HEMI_Finn

    I was tired of looking at the upper cubby hole.

    And we all know that RAM isn't going to eat the cost, they will absofrickenlutely pass the cost on to the consumer!
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    Kicker front dash upgrade

    Thanks for that, I was wondering if it was something simple.
  15. HEMI_Finn

    Kicker front dash upgrade

    I was waiting for Crutchfield to add the 2020 KS series to their selection. I was particularly waiting for/wanting to get these: they finally added them but threw me a curveball by also adding these...
  16. HEMI_Finn

    2020 model Kickers won't fit?

    Thanks for the info, I'm excited to get these and get them in!
  17. HEMI_Finn

    2020 model Kickers won't fit?

    But what about the fitment? I'm looking to get the 3.5 and 6x9? Any insider info, is Crutchfield wrong?
  18. HEMI_Finn

    2020 model Kickers won't fit?

    Got an email from Kicker touting the release of their 2020 line of speakers, specifically the KS series. I added the 180.4 Key Amp (running bi-amped) last summer and I'm looking to upgrade the stock speakers this summer. Problem is that Crutchfield say they won't fit my '14. I looked at the...
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    What ign coils would you recommend?

    Just for shits and giggles...
  20. HEMI_Finn

    Best Wiper Blades

    SilBlades or Bosch. Never liked the Rainex blades
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    What license plate led bulbs are you using?

    I just ordered the LASFIT brand mentioned above. I originally went with but have had several warrantied and still having issues, so it was time to try something different. Prime says that they will be here today between 2-5 pm.
  22. HEMI_Finn

    Weighing Down Bed for Winter

    I had one of those in my old truck. It was great until the inside bladder leaked out into the surrounding cover, leaving no way to get the water out. I had no choice but to cut it open to drain it. I emailed the company and they basically said too bad, your warranty has expired.
  23. HEMI_Finn

    WD40 on wiper blades?

    While some of what he says might be true/accurate, all that black that was coming off his wiper blades wasn't dirt. Rubber is brown and a substance called "carbon black" is added to, you guessed it... make it black! As with anything, take it with a grain of salt. YMMV
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    Coating Glass

    If you don't mind me asking, what did the Glassparency treatment cost you?
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    HID Lighting

    Post #15 by Sheriff Justice shows reflector type. I thought Sport models only came with projectors, like mine, but I could be mistaken.