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  1. 1972Dart

    Best winter A/T tire

    I also had a set of Sumitomo Encounter AT on my 2500 Ram Diesel, over 50,000 kms and they were great on snow and ice ( as long as I was driving to the road conditions). For a 10ply tire I was really impressed with the traction and the grip in snow. Even did my fair share of pulling out vehicles...
  2. 1972Dart

    Eco Diesel Fuel Economy

    Last weekend I did my first little trip 1100kms (683 miles) with my 2018 Eco diesel and I averaged 29.4 miles to the gallon. Never thought that it would get that kind of mileage especially from a truck. My 2013 2500 Cummins diesel would be almost half of that. Since I wasn't really driving the...