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    console cup holder cover

    2021 Ram limited. the fold down cover in front where cup holder is had trouble with staying down when not in use. then one day i reached over and put down and it stayed now it won’t retract back open. how is this console issue resolved please.
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    What does everyone name their trucks?

    52 years ago when i graduated from high school one of the older guys i hung around with always called me Coolio. when he was about 23 he was in a bad accident and was paralyzed from waist down and limited use of arms. he worked constantly to try and overcome his condition with special machines...
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    White night edition…yah or nah?

    nothing feminine about this bad boy except when my lovely wife drives down the interstate!!
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    Seattle to Portland - 16.6mpg

    2021 crew cab limited 3.92; traveled from Springfield,Il to Clearwater fl. always 5-8 mph over speed limit. the truck got 20.2 mpg. on regular gas. the truck had 6,000 miles on it at the time of departure. as u might imagine , i was totally surprised and completely satisfied for that...
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    extended warranty cost

    just for a reference as to pricing on a Ziegler 7 yr. 60,000 mile Maximum Care warranty, i purchased in December. $100.00 deductible, it was over $1300 but when i put payinfull in coupon code i was able to buy for $990.00 ; this is also transferable to new owner if one sells their vehicle.the...
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    Percent off of MSRP

    the Rebels snd TRX models seem to be bringing a premium price tag , due to like u said availability and demand for those particular models. definitely the region one lives in plays a huge part in pricing. Where i am at in small central illinois region they act like they r dealing but they don’t...
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    Percent off of MSRP

    try calling Kyle at South Point Dodge Ram in Austin Tx. not only did they come off msrp by about 14% but gave me 0% for 6 years . this was April 2021 they picked me up at the airport and filled truck up with gas and did 90 % of the transaction over the phone with only a few signatures to...
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    A few questions about 21' + Rams......

    i purchased my 21 limited night edition in April . not only did i get $10,000 off the msrp but was also offered 0% for 6 years. there are deals like that still out there You have to do A lot of searching but it can be found if the truck u want is available. i flew from illinois to Austin...
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    free oil changes and tire rotations

    When reviewing the Ram Care app nowhere does the free oil changes and tire rotations appear. I have a card that says for first 2 years i have these after registration with So i called and got right thru to a nice young lady. She said when my vin number is entered into the...
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    first oil change

    how many miles would determine your first oil change on new 2021 5.7 etorque 1500? I put 1000 miles on driving from dealer in Austin Tx to Illinois.
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    extended warranty cost

    thanks to everyone who answered questions on warranties. i feel well equipped to make a judicious and fair priced decision for a mopar lifetime warranty
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    extended warranty cost

    thanks. i’ll try and shop around . so Ziegler deals in warranties? At 70 years old i want security in owning a reliable vehicle at minimal cost.
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    extended warranty cost

    i purchased a 2021 limited 1500 4 WD night edition etorque in May. i didn’t purchase the extended warranty at the time. i got a fantastic deal plus 0% for 6 years, so I decided to think about it. Now with 2500 miles, i absolutely love the truck. With all the technology and a desire to own long...
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    White Ram Gang! Post your pics

    added black stripe on lower side panels and the name “Coolio” on hood . might make roof black also.
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    Post a Pic of Your Ram in its Spot

    im keeping Coolio out of the 110 degree heat index today
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    White Ram Gang! Post your pics

    getting black stripe on sides thursday in the narrow strip down low where the curved indentations are from bumper to the front wheel well and the name Coolio on the sides of hood
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    So Long Ram

    I just bought a 2021 limited night edition $72,000 msrp for $62,224 and zero % for 72months . Flew from St. Louis to Texas to pick ut up for $180 Southwest flight. Now that’s a deal if there ever was one. Couldn’t be happier.
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    Stains on Bright White paint

    White really shows in this area of the truck
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    Stains on Bright White paint

    I got a polishing compound from my paint shop guys and it took 90% of the stains off the paint. Had to rub my butt off to get that far. No abrasives in it maybe a buffer with a little pressure would have done the job. Like he said , it is on the clear coat for sure. He said these plastic body...
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    Stains on Bright White paint

    Not yet but this looks like they r permanent it was maquires hyper dressing that I used
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    Research on tonneau convers

    I’m looking at the retraxpro Mx . Looks great , real good reviews . More secure for traveling with possessions for a few days at a time more weather proof. Aluminum with matte finish. About $1600 no tax free shipping.
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    Stains on Bright White paint

    Not right now for pictures but it does look like an iron stain per say but also it looks like it permeated the material
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    Stains on Bright White paint

    On my new 2021 Ram limited night edition stains have developed on the inside lips of the fenders. It is stained. Looks like could be petroleum based cause. Poor quality of type of plastic trim! I used Maquires tire shine . Not much , wiped down after applying and days passed before driving. A...