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    Rear Differential Locking Up

    Check the parking brake shoes. They have delaminated themselves and floating around in the rotor/drum. Had it happen to me on a 2012.
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    How much of this is really necessary?

    The dealer wanted to charge me for pushing the wheel speed sensor wire back into its clip for a great price of $75.00.
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    2022 Laramie GT Gear Limit

    On my 2018 with a steering wheel shifter, you manually shift up as your driving to the gear you want to be in. Then leave it there. It will show the gear selected and auto shift up and down as needed. Manually put in 1st and shift up as you are driving. Try that.
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    Gravity fed Fuel tank

    What about tanks in a race car? Most are bottom feeders. Plastic and metal. Semi tanks have a crossover on the bottom so fuel flows evenly out of both. Only one tank feed the pump.
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    spare tire

    No. Just wondering if I could delete the warning.
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    spare tire

    Put the spare on the RF, put a new tire on that rim and put it on the LF, LF went to spare, now I have a missing wheel on the tpms on the dash. Any way to get rid of the check pressure every time I start the truck??