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  1. Nick14

    Bleed down fuel rail

    Thank-you Kevin, That was my first choice. But since I was in there replacing rubber seals, I am going to replace injector o-rings too. I am going to disconnect the hose at the rail. Nick
  2. Nick14

    Bleed down fuel rail

    oil/filter already recycled.
  3. Nick14

    Bleed down fuel rail

    I thought I would change the oil. Drained, pulled filter. Looking at the rear of engine, thought rear main leaking. Nope, time to up grade cooler to a Dorman. Normally, I would pull the fuel relay and start to relieve fuel pressure. No oil so no start. How do I relieve fuel pressure to remove...
  4. Nick14

    Radio push on/off button.

    Hello, I drove a Jeep Liberty yesterday, it has the same radio in it as I have. My radio doesn't power off, the Jeep does. I know the radios are no longer stand alone but, can I install the power on/off on my radio? Thank-you, Nick
  5. Nick14

    Pentastar vs Hemi, which should you choose?

    I bought my 3.6 for my own protection. I have owned over 20 vehicles so far. I have modified 50% of the 4 bangers, 100% of the 8's and none of the 6's. I don't have the ability to leave an 8 alone. I still have my license, good driver discount, & burn 87. Nick
  6. Nick14

    Catalytic converter theft prevention plate?

    I applaud Mr. Michael Campbell. People used to be able to protect their property without repercussions. I certainly hope he requests a jury trial as it only takes one 'Not Guilty'.
  7. Nick14


    Yes, sarcasm. Unfortunately, if I stated my suggestion, the cowardly liberal **** currently in office would cry. Nick
  8. Nick14

    Maybe trading for a more family friendly suv

    I would agree with several posts. If the truck is paid for, keep it. Get a sedan for road trips. It works well for me. It costs me a great deal more to operate my truck than my car. I did have one SUV. Cost to operate was the same as a truck & as stated earlier, everybody can see what you are...
  9. Nick14

    2021 Let Us Never Forget.....

    My last underway period was Fleet Week 1998, New York. There were 4 places I wanted to see, Empire State Building, Twin Towers, Times Square, & Hogs & Heifers. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. Who knew the landscape of United States would change forever just a few years later. The...
  10. Nick14

    Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve

    I went with Fumoto. Been using them for 20 years. I don't miss hot oil running down my arm, dropping plug in pan, splashing oil on the floor. As far as slower, it's ok I spend at least an hour under my vehicle anyway. Look at brake hoses, oil leaks, boots, trans. I rather find problems on my...
  11. Nick14

    Any Known TSB on ram lifters?

    I would have to agree with Rlaf75. Should be bulletproof by now as well as the 3.6. While I like my Ram, after lifter failure at 49K, it is my last Mopar product. Nick
  12. Nick14

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Received & installed adjustable panhard bar. Nick
  13. Nick14

    Aluminum pentastar oil filter housing!

    Good to know. I hope it is something I never have to do but, on-line 185.00 shipped isn't too bad. Nick
  14. Nick14

    Leveling by lowering the rear.

    I went the same route. Bought Pro Suspension 272920. To get my panhard bar level, I moved it up on the passenger side drilled new holes. I just ordered a Spohn adjustable bar and will be installing this weekend. Looks like my springs settled and my rear diff is off center by 3/32". Nick
  15. Nick14

    Prevent cargo light from turning on when doors open?

    I ended up removing the bulbs. I have no use for this feature and it would be nice to just disable it. Nick
  16. Nick14

    8hp70 heater bypass

    I was surprised also with how high it had to go to get level. I had the rear about a foot in the air and had to loosen up the trans cross member jack up the trans. to get an even bubble on my level. Nick
  17. Nick14

    Just put some husky mud flaps on my 2019 classic

    Something else you may consider doing is remove the fender liners, clean and re-install. That is something I have been doing for the last 30 years or so. I was amazed at how much dirt was packed between the liners and quarter panels on this truck. Nick
  18. Nick14

    Just put some husky mud flaps on my 2019 classic

    Those are the ones I went with. Very sturdy and you will appreciate the size come winter. They keep the sides clean. I did add a stainless nut & bolt between the flap & liner on each. Nice & sturdy.
  19. Nick14

    Anybody got the 3.6 and 355 gears want to

    I get 18-20. 95% city, heaters in cold, a/c in summer. Once it did read 23 mpg, no heat or a/c. on the highway.
  20. Nick14

    Family Road Trip Supply Essentials

    Summertime road trip, me- water, peanut butter crackers, road atlas, 12v phone charger & 200-300 cash. Truck- oil, water, tire gauge, jumper cables. Winter- above plus gloves, hats, blanket, dry boots & socks, ice scraper & candles. For the past few years, I have used mapquest to determine fuel...
  21. Nick14

    Temperature fan kick on

    Hello, I am looking to find at what temp the fan comes on lo & hi speed, with A/C off. Thank-you, Nick
  22. Nick14

    Move steering wheel audio controls

    Thank-you very much for the info Mp!!
  23. Nick14

    A common theme at work

    Four 4th gens, 3-8's 1-6, 3 Fords 2-250's, 1-150. Titan, Ridgeline, Tahoe & 2-Toyota's.
  24. Nick14

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Changed front/rear diff oil, transfer case, trans fluid, brake fluid & engine oil. Installed Fumoto drain valve & Caulk04 trans plug. Removed cargo lightbulbs. Removed rubber piece between bed cab. Nick

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