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  1. rvance

    Tires for '16 Rebel

    I've been happy with my Cooper AT3s E rated from Walmart. Had them a year and a half.
  2. rvance

    rear coil springs

    Yep, I put them on when I got the truck for pulling a trailer. I have a camper cover, a bed liner with an extra bed mat and a Ranch Hand bumper. I keep 16 pounds in it and it handles and rides great.
  3. rvance

    rear coil springs

    Get some Air-Lift air bags. You should have done that first. I've had them on several trucks with no issues.
  4. rvance

    Government Tracking you

    Scary stuff. My next truck is going to be a 60s model.
  5. rvance

    Government Tracking you

    Thanks. Checking out Netguard.
  6. rvance

    Amazing truck with no problems

    No problems at all on the 2013 and 2017. No complaints.
  7. rvance

    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    I hear you, but it's not a HEMI!
  8. rvance

    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    They have everything in the bin to build the 488. Why stop with 426 when Ford has the 7.3/445?
  9. rvance

    Mint Real Man Work Truck

    I would buy it if it was red.,
  10. rvance

    Well, looks like I have lost faith in BFG KO2's Anybody ever seen this happen?

    I have the AT3s from Walmart. They were half the price of the KO2s and I have been very happy with them. E rated. $135 each at the time.
  11. rvance

    It Was a Good Run, But I'm Done

    Gas was getting high and my commute was 47 miles in 2008 so I traded my 15 mpg truck in on on a 28 mpg Cobalt. It paid for it self with fuel savings before I traded it on a 2013 Ram that I loved. You do what makes sense for you. My 13 got 21 mpg by the way.
  12. rvance

    Should I Add The OEM Trailer Braking Module And Get Alfa OBD, Or Go 3rd-Party?

    I only paid 150 for the factory unit on ebay.
  13. rvance

    Should I Add The OEM Trailer Braking Module And Get Alfa OBD, Or Go 3rd-Party?

    The OEM is the only way to go. Any of the others will keep hitting your knee. Easy to install too.
  14. rvance

    Should I Add The OEM Trailer Braking Module And Get Alfa OBD, Or Go 3rd-Party?

    I installed mine at age 70. The only hard part is getting under the dash at my age.
  15. rvance

    2023 Camping Season, what are your plans?

    Staying in cabins. No worries about towing, gas mileage, black water tank, etc.
  16. rvance

    71 Hemi Charger

    I wasn't the sharpest driver at the track. Best was a 10:13 .
  17. rvance

    71 Hemi Charger

    I accidentally reved mine over 9k rpm once. Things were sure happening fast. It really did sound fantastic though.
  18. rvance

    71 Hemi Charger

    I had a 69 Roadrunner that came with the 383, but I got a deal on a blueprinted hemi and swapped it in. 727 rebuilt with hemi guts and the 8 3/4 rear end was fine. Dynoed @ 640 hp and it would pull the front wheels with the 489 gears in it. 4k torque converter. I did use Summers Bros axels...
  19. rvance

    Duh! Dumped a gallon of washer fluid into coolant reservoir. (2016 Ram 1500)

    I put a half gallon of the cheap windshield washer fluid in the overflow tank 3 years and 30k miles ago. I realized that I had made a mistake, but I was on the road moving, pulling a trailer and under a deadline so I couldn't do anything about it. I looked at the coolant after the move and it...
  20. rvance

    No more chrome bumpers

    I swapped mine for Ranch Hand bumpers. Touch them up with spray paint.
  21. rvance

    2022 1500 Classic - trip report

    I have a 2017 3.6 QC that got 21 on the highway when I first got it. Now, with a bed cover/camper, Ranch Hand grill guard and rear bumper, and 10 ply Cooper AT tires at 41 PSI I get 17-18.5 on the highway and 13.5 around town. Everything you do to your truck messes with the carefully balanced...
  22. rvance

    Read my plugs for me please

    They look fine. Check the gap and put them back.
  23. rvance

    3.6L Pentastar V6 Engine Lawsuit

    I've had 2 Pentastars, change the oil with full synthetic when the light comes on and I haven't had any issues. I grant that I don't work it hard and I only put 150k miles on both total.
  24. rvance

    2022 Ram 1500 Rear Bumper Damage

    It's a little scratch on a pickup truck. Wear it with pride. I smashed 3 of those tin foil bumpers in my 17, finally bought a Ranch Hand bumper. Problem solved m
  25. rvance

    New Revolution revealed

    I hate it. And why would anyone in Texas want a glass roof?

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