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    Questions E-Torq..

    What is the Max Amperage output of E-Torq??
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    5th gen Ram zt 8 speed

    General Info: when my 2014 Ram had 50K miles I went to the dealer for price and availability of transmission oil. At that time it was $32, and change a qt. My son an Master Tech went back and they sold it to him at dealer cost at $19, and change. He now has the truck and said he will use...
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    My son found this on YOUTUBE, Late model Ram truck battery going dead..
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    GTYANK, lets say your assumption is right about the 7 mile figure. Now I turn on the heated steering and seat, back out of the drive with the electric steering, start with the start/stop feature engaged get up to speed the front airdam and shutters deployed along with the two frame activated...
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    Just got the RAM back from the dealer today, just as I thought it came back with a clean bill of health. The parasitic draw which my son had checked a yr. ago was the same that we had found. Came down to 30 milamps, but took 40/50 minutes when we checked it. I was surprised that the draw was...
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    gofishn, my son checked the drain at the end of the dead (new) interstate battery. After the truck was shut off we checked the drain/draw with a meter between the battery cables. Can't remember the Milliamp draw but it came down in two stages, and it was like 45 or 50 minutes till it was at...
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    Yesterday my 2020 Ram died 6/8 times, once in the middle of the intersection. I can ONLY find the simulated analog meter to display on dash, no digital output of the alternator. After it restarted the meter would sort of jump around till it got to the center of the meter where it usually...
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    Active air dam, 2020 Laramie

    I have a 2020 1500 Laramie with the AIR FOIL that is located behind the front valance. Is there a light on the dash when the AIR DAM deploys? And at what speed does it deploy? Thanks for any input....RANaway
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    BATTERY.....New and Old thread

    Took my dead Costco, interstate battery back after 12 mo. I got the larger 900 cca, AGM battery. In Jan. I replaced the 2 yr. old battery that came in the RAM, Hemi with E-torq. with the New 850 cca from Costco. The old thread below: My 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie with E-torq, at 17 K...
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    MPG Update on 2019 Laramie 4X4 Hemi 3.92

    My 2020 RAM, 5.7, 22 wheels and 392 rear end. ALso have the front air dam/blocked off grill. At speed I get close to twice the mileage as 19RamInSC, while I ride on the bed of a role back. That was going south on I-95, a little less coming back north. UP HILL?? RAMaway
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    2020 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Running Hot?

    Could it be if the shutters in the grill are closed all the time??
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    Snow in apirl?!?

    This is global warning, NO WAIT, I may have misspoken! Global warming is when it is HOT and suppose to be COLD....So this is Climate Change, when it is COLD and suppose to be HOT!!
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    Tranny problems 4th gen

    Remove the harness that attaches to the TCU and inspect for corrosion or heat related indications..Is the case grounded, does it pick up ground from case or internal ground?? This is some place to start!! RAMaway.
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    Two decades of Hemi's, just thinking out loud ..

    NOW that the Hemi" of new have been in the fields for 2 decades, have they improve?? And just how, do they still have the Hemi Tick? Is that a prerequisite of roller/cam failure, and at what mileage do most fail? Has any one oil proven to stop or delay these failures? I use Mobil, son uses...
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    A new Battery, as the RAM has a run of bad (cheap) batteries. Had a like problem with my 2020, Hemi. Purchased a Gas Mat at Costco for &175. out the door, and just for grinds we checked the draw and in less than an hr. it was under 50 ma.
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    Are there any HIDDEN recalls on the 5th Gen??

    Hidden, silent or TBS recalls! Reminds me of my wife's JEEP, JL she had the famous solid axle wobble. I took the VIN to the dealer and told them of the problem. The first think said was we need the VIN, as only some were affected as they came off the assembly line. My VIN was one that was...
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    2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Won't receive gas at the pump

    Yes I have that problem on a 5th Gen. I was thinking it was just how the pump cutoff was set. Then I tried to add gas when I had half a tank and it would not accept any more gas, keep cutting off......RAMaway
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    Are there any HIDDEN recalls on the 5th Gen??

    Hidden or not well advertised, may be more correct! Such as the recall I had on 3rd Gen. recall on the drivers door rubber seal. The forward edge of the door was intruding into the rubber seal when the door was opened. Thanks .....RAMaway!
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    Warranty question - 2021 Ram 3500 almost 1 year old

    I would also be interested in an extended warranty. I have a RAM 2020, 1500...with a lot of bells and whistles. Thanks for any input.....RAMaway
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    Newbie Q re. Batteries

    What Whiskey13 said, my Ram 2020 $hat the bed a wk ago. Boosted and went to Auto Zone, it check at 600 amps. BUT one day later after charging all night it read 6 volts. I was thinking parasitic draw, with the Etorq...BIG BUCKS. Went to Costco, Interstate GAS Mat battery was $175. plus tax...
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    Larger oil filter for 5th Gen?

    Amazon here I come for some RP, Hemi oil filters 20-820..Thanks all. RAMaway
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    Larger oil filter for 5th Gen?

    I always run a little larger filter in ALL my vehicles. Anyone run a larger quality oil filter in the 2020, Hemi? Thanks for any input.............RAMaway
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    2020 RAM, etorq with parasitic draw!

    Battery was the problem. Before we connected the Neg post we hooked a scan gauge to post and cable, started off at about 10 amps and fell fast, within 10 min. it went to 130 MA. Then nearly an hour later it went to 30 MA. I will confirm my work tomorrow, weather dependent! Thanks for the...
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    2020 RAM, etorq with parasitic draw!

    Update: yesterday I took it to Auto Zone battery check 600 plus crank amps. Put the charger on sat over night till after 12 today. Would not auto start ---would not start from push button. Checked the battery it read 6 plus volts. NOW not taking a charge, so I am suspecting Battery. At this...
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    2020 RAM, etorq with parasitic draw!

    My 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie with E-torq, at 17 K miles must have a parasitic draw. Had a fail to start this morning battery down to 11.70 volts. I charged it up and runs good with check engine lite on, as I suspect it should be on. Doe's anyone have any input? Thanks for any input....Ramaway