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    2010 RAM 1500 CAN BUS issues

    Is your red anti-theft light flashing when you have the key in the run position?
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    HALP! HALP! 2009 1500 5.7 no crank no start

    Try checking if you bridge a wire from the battery pos terminal to the pin 96 of the driver-side PCM connector (solid red wire). I had exact same problem and wire was broken, so didn't have power to PCM. The PCM should have battery voltage at pin/wire 96, and if it doesn't with the key in the...
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    2011 5.7 With Wireless Ignition - No crank/No Start

    I have a post awaiting approval (new account) that should be in the tech section of the 4th gen forum, but basically TL;DR - I had the same occur in my 1500 last week! Check pin 96 (driver side PCM connector - solid red wire) and probe it to get voltage. It should be battery voltage. If it...
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    Fixing PCM communication error - no-crank & radio giving anti-theft code error

    Hi all, I am just posting this here as I have encountered this last week and finally found a resolution to this problem in my 2013 Ram 1500 with the 3.6L V6 engine (SLT). Last week, I came to get into my truck and I turned the key, and... * nothing * Keys were definitely being detected and I...