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  1. aeromax4

    Downsizing Wheels on 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    I put a set of 275/55/20 with sensors. Great fit.
  2. aeromax4

    Window wont roll up

    Just a thought, are the rear windows locked out? I have a switch on my panel that locks out the rear windows. Did you try to hold the rear window switch down for 3 seconds and raise the window switch up without releasing the switch?
  3. aeromax4

    Tpms question

    Question, I'm looking to upgrade my 18" stock wheels for 20" factory on my 2020 Laramie 1500. Can I reuse the TPM sensors from my 18" wheels or do I need to change them? Will the computer require updating to the 20" wheels? TIA for any help.
  4. aeromax4

    Downsizing Wheels on 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    Thanks for your response. I'll look up the 20" tire size.
  5. aeromax4

    Downsizing Wheels on 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    Thanks for your response. I'll look up the tire size.
  6. aeromax4

    Downsizing Wheels on 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    My 2020 Laramie came with 18's and I'd like to upgrade to OEM 20's. Would this change affect the computer or the calipers? TIA
  7. aeromax4

    Ram rip off

    I had air suspension on my 2016 Limited Longhorn, it rode hard. Never cared for it. When I got the 2020 Laramie, I was happy to see it came with springs. Much nicer ride.
  8. aeromax4

    Turn Signal Switch

    Thanks men, I found a couple rows on the right brake light are out. Amazon and Rock Auto have the assembly for between 262.00 and 318.00. I thought about changing over to incandescent but they won't work with the OEM LED style lights I have.
  9. aeromax4

    Turn Signal Switch

    My 2016 Ram Limited turn signal indicator on the dash started flashing fast when turning right. Left is fine. I looked at the bulbs and they all light up and flash as they should. Do you think the flasher is going bad? TIA
  10. aeromax4

    A Lot of Weird Service Suggestions?

    My 2016 required the after market kit and cut out but my 2017 did have the filter and door.
  11. aeromax4


    I always go in from the front when changing the oil filter. I pull up on my ramps, block the rear tire just for added safety and go under the front of the truck on the right side, looking to rear of truck it would be on your left side. With your back facing the radiator and looking towards the...
  12. aeromax4

    Anyone switched to 87 octane?

    Always run 87 and never had any problems. Still have plenty of power and never knocks
  13. aeromax4

    Engine Cooling System Efficiency 5.7 Hemi

    I found this you tube video that shows the location of the stat. It does show how to R/R the water pump
  14. aeromax4

    Engine Cooling System Efficiency 5.7 Hemi

    Just fyi, My Jeep GC Limited 4.7 has the stat located on the bottom end, not the top.
  15. aeromax4

    Loves Left Turns

    I owned a 2017 Ram 1500 4x4 that always, since new, would travel to the left. I had it back to the dealer, alignment, tires rotated and it still traveled to the left. My 2016 Ram Laramie Limited does the exact same thing. New tires and alignment didn't make a difference. Aside from that and the...
  16. aeromax4

    Repair or Total Loss?

    I went through this in April. Guy ran a light and struck the left front of the truck bumper and pushed it about 6" to the right. Body shop stated that the bumper supports were twisted passed the weld and they were sure the insurance company would declare a total loss. After several weeks, it was...
  17. aeromax4

    I'm not a millennial.

    I hate the electronic gear shift knob. I have to be careful to make sure I'm not throwing the truck into park when attempting to turn the blower motor down. Bring back the proven gear shifter. The starter button doesn't affect me, I'm fine with it.
  18. aeromax4

    The Ram is gone!

    Good luck with the purchase. I had a 2004 with the 5.3, kept it for 15 yrs and only changed the oil/filter tires battery and brakes. I did notice the brake lines were rusting when I traded her in but she never left me stranded on the side of the road. Bought the Ram Laramie Limited before...
  19. aeromax4

    2-1 thump

    I have a 2016 1500 Laramie Limited 5.7 Hemi w/ 3.92 and it thumps after I stop. I was told that it was the driveshaft spline needing to be greased. Any thoughts?