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  1. Wyo72

    My Friends Sometimes....

    Can happen to any brand it seems
  2. Wyo72

    Creak/groan noise while turning left

    My 2020 2500 did something similar, only it had a vibration/binding feel along with a slight creaking noise while turning . Turned out to be a bad bearing in the rear diff. Dealer had to replace bearings as well as the differential housing which was apparently trashed when bearing went bad...
  3. Wyo72

    2020 ram 2500 rear diff problem

    I don't want to jump to conclusions, but if low fluid turns out to be the cause i'm going to be pretty ticked off. Not only did they miss it on the PDI but also the 4 other times its been there getting serviced. I defiantly have the capability to check level myself, and now wish I would have...
  4. Wyo72

    2020 ram 2500 rear diff problem

    Heard from the dealer today, it seems bearing(s) went out in the differential damaging the housing itself. New housing and bearings are on order and should be here in 5 days or so. Service writer didn't know, but only thing I can figure is maybe a defect from the factory or not enough diff...
  5. Wyo72

    2020 ram 2500 rear diff problem

    Being low on friction modifier was my 1st thought also. I thought about just adding some before I took it in to see if it made a difference but figured it would just give them a reason to try to deny warranty. Hopefully I will get a phone call tomorrow and I will report back. My concern is if...
  6. Wyo72

    2020 ram 2500 rear diff problem

    Have no doubt its a misstatement, but I can only go by what the service writer is telling me. More wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue, especially with so few miles.
  7. Wyo72

    2020 ram 2500 rear diff problem

    Hello All I have been feeling a vibration/binding while turning at low speeds in my 2020 2500 6.4 so i had my local dealer take a look at it . Truck has been at the dealer for close to a week and all they have told me so far is the rear differential has to be disasembled to find out what...
  8. Wyo72

    6.4 no start

    I never did figure out what caused it, and thankfully it hasn't done it since. I did have the dealership check it out the next time they serviced it but they said they found nothing. You would think yours would eventually throw a code if it keeps happening??
  9. Wyo72

    Octane / Towing

    Pretty hard to find 89 around here, most stations have 85, 87, and 91. There are a couple that have 88 which is what I run most of the time. Usually when towing my camper I run 91 but with prices the way they are not sure thats going to happen this summer.
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    Wiper arm recall - 2021

    Just had mine done yesterday at the dealer. Repair notes say "tech rotated nuts 90 degrees, no further action needed at this time"
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    6.4 no start

    Took a road trip the other day with my 2020 2500 with the 6.4. Drove about 270 miles to our destination , parked and checked into to the hotel. After about 20 minutes we decided to go get some dinner , got in the truck depressed brake and hit start button. Just cranked and cranked with no...
  12. Wyo72

    2019 2500 with 6.4 transmission temp info

    Pretty sure BigLazer was referring to the 127 degree air temp in LeesEvox's pic. That is freaking hot!
  13. Wyo72

    First heavy tow with the hemi (15k)

    I agree the tow/haul shift strategy sucks when braking! It seems to hold the right gear and downshift when needed while going up hills and cruising on flat ground, but going downhill its not near aggressive enough. I drive a 2018 Ford F350 with the 6.2 for work and the tow haul is way more...
  14. Wyo72

    OEM Rear Wheel Liners for 2020 2500 Crew Cab

    Thanks for the info! I found the video you are referring to and it answered the questions I had.
  15. Wyo72

    Disabling MDS - Greta Thunberg is tracking me now

    I am also starting to dislike the MDS. Dosnt bother me on the highway but driving around town its very annoying. Judging by the lugging vibration it makes I cant imagine it would be too good for the engine either. Truck is much more enjoyable to drive in town when I disable it with gear selector.
  16. Wyo72

    OEM Rear Wheel Liners for 2020 2500 Crew Cab

    I just received a set of the rough country liners # 4609 mentioned in one of the above posts for my 2020 2500. Has anyone on here installed a set of these? Just wondering if the factory liner that goes halfway up on each side is supposed to be removed or are the new liners supposed to be...
  17. Wyo72

    Wheels for Tradesman

    Thats what i came up with also, so i'm pretty sure they are the same. Thanks for your help!
  18. Wyo72

    Wheels for Tradesman

    Hi all, I have a 2020 ram 2500 tradesman 6.4L that I would like to upgrade the wheels on. I found a set of wheels off of a 2019 Laramie cummins that I really like. I currently have the chrome clad steel wheels ( 18x8). The description on the Laramie wheels says they are 18x8, with a 8x165...
  19. Wyo72

    Do the upper trim levels really add to the towing or drving experience?

    I also went with the tradesman which for a brief time I kind of regretted. But after thinking about it its still the nicest truck I have ever owned and besides with the money I saved I can afford to add the goodies I actually want and are useful to me.
  20. Wyo72

    Carpet for 2500 Tradesman

    Thanks for the replies, I did find a couple companies that have kits up to 2018 model year but nothing for 2020. Still on the fence if I really want to add carpet or not, probably better off without it with kids and dogs anyway. LOL
  21. Wyo72

    Carpet for 2500 Tradesman

    Hi All, just purchased a 2020 Ram 2500 Tradesman, crew cab, 8' bed and so far love this truck, except for one thing. I really didn't think the vinyl floor would bother me , but now I am kind of wishing I had carpet. Anyone know a good place to get a carpet kit for this truck?