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    Grid heater

    I have a 2015 6.7 Tradesman. Completely stock and never had any problems. I use it to tow my fifth wheel as well. A minor issue I had happened during the Covid lockdown. I didn't drive it for 2 months. CEL went on. So I drove it hard in the freeway, drove on many of the hills. After the...
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    Prefill Oil Filter

    In my mid 50s and in all of my cars in my life, I have never pre-filled the oil filter.
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    Bio Diesel. Yes or no?

    How does one know Bio-diesel clogs up the fuel filter faster than th#2 diesel? Is there a visual indicator for this?
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    Warming up takes too long...

    Plug the engine block heater. Mine takes 3 hours. The engine block heater is activated at 4 AM. By 7 AM, the temp gauge is at 120 degrees when started.
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    Cummins Fuel Filters

    My Truck is 2015 Tradesman bought brand new. I, too, use Duralast or any other filter brands from Autozone or Oreilly. Whatever is the cheapest. Never had any problems with my stock truck. For the oil, I used Chevron Delo from Costco. 1-2 years ago, Costco has been selling their own diesel...
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    2015 2500 diesel exhaust injector problem

    Mine is 2015 also with 60K miles in it. If it cost $2700 to fix, I'd delete it. At this point, I have no plans of selling it anymore. I just can't imagine paying $2700 for an injector pump.
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    2015 2500 coolant flush

    I've had no issues.
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    DPF Regen

    On my 2015 CTD long bed, I seldom used it for my 5th RV towing. My office is only 5 miles away so it never really gets "hot". Like I said, I've only seen it once when my truck was new. At the time my obd reader would show the countdown from 100% to 0-5%. There was a software recall in 2015...
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    DPF Regen

    On my 2015 2500, I once saw a message similar to the OP. At that time, I also had obd reader where it monitored the dpf regen. Once it reached 100%, the reader would show the countdown from 100% down to a single digit, maybe around 5%. And then there was a recall around 2016 or 2017 regarding...
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    How bad are short commutes really?

    I have a Kiwi OBDII reader.
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    How bad are short commutes really?

    Mine is 2015 2500 CTD with 45K miles. Short commute 5 days/ week. Office is only 5 miles away from the house. The truck always regens somewhere 600-700 miles. I had no issues so far.
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    2015 2500 coolant flush

    Just finished a coolant flush on my 2150 2500. It wasn't that bad. The radiator drain was on the left side. Use a 10mm allen wrench. For filling, I disconnected the hose on the top radiator on the right side. This hose is from the coolant reservoir. Used distilled water and prestone flush...
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    Dealer Service Dept States Unleaded Gas Found In Fuel Tank

    I thought unleaded gas can't run on diesel engines at all. The compression ratio is too high causing detonation.
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    Eaton Truetrac part number for 2015 Ram 2500 CTD

    Has anyone installed an Eaton Truetrac in the rear of 2015 RAM 2500 CTD? What is the part number of the Truetrac? Carlo
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    DPF delete but staying in stock settings

    To mtnrider, Did I get you right? If it wasn't for a couple of issues, you would not have deleted your truck? If so since I have no issues, leave it alone.
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    DPF delete but staying in stock settings

    I wasn't very clear with my post. With a full delete, can I keep the truck at stock settings? Will the black smoke be very obvious enough to upset other drivers?
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    DPF delete but staying in stock settings

    I have a 2015 Ram 2500 CTD and will be out of warranty soon. It has 46K miles. My plan is to do a dpf delete when it comes time to do the EGR cleaning roughly at 69K. 1. On a dpf deleted truck, is there still an EGR cleaning requirement? No check engine light I am presuming. 2. Can I...
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    Has anyone been inspected for DPF delete in Oregon State

    I am getting close to the end of my warranty and planning to the dpf delete. Has anyone ever been inspected by the EPA or DEQ and failed because of doing the dpf delete?
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    2016 3500 maintenance cost....

    I have a 2500 diesel. oil filter is $12 Oil at Costco is $30 for 3 gallons Air filter is $50 Carlo
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    S87 Recall

    Based on the paperwork, my truck will get 3 software updates as well. In any case, glad I didn't do the DPF delete yet. Carlo
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    S87 Recall

    Does anyone know the effects (mpg, HP) of this S87 recall? My 2015 ram 2500 is at the dealer today with this S87 recall fix. Carlo
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    Deleting 6.7l egr/DPF in Cali

    I've always wondered about this especially for people who have to register the truck in another state because of change of residence. Does the truck get inspected as a one time thing? Carlo
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    DPF monitor using cellphone

    I tried the PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII adapter and the OBD Fusion app. It monitors EGTs and DPF line pressure. The adapter was $100 and the OBD Fusion app was $10. there are other cheaper OBD adapters out there. I chose the PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII because it...