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  1. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    As I explained in my original post, the problem is most definitely the control arms hitting the bucket. The only reason my truck has the spacers still installed is because it was installed by 4 wheel parts and I had no clue it would be making a problem. I personally don't have the time, being...
  2. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    Thanks for all the help guys. I have my new headlights coming in on monday, an as soon as i get caught up on a few things ill be ripping out those spacers and installing the spindles. Ill keep you posted as soon as the spindles hit my front door.
  3. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    Only a few more questions.. I hope! If i do the 3" lift spindles do i need to upgrade to longer springs? Will i need to put a block in the back or will the truck eventually sink down and be level? Do i need to replace my new longer shocks that i got with the spacer install back down to stock...
  4. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    So your saying if i switch from the 2.5 spacer to the 3 inch spindle lift ill have no problem with the control arm hitting? Do you think it would be easier/cheaper to install the spindle lift over a new control arm? Sorry for all the questions, i am doing my own research on this but its always...
  5. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    Thank you 4.7RAM for the info. Unfortunately i do have the black bulky upper control arms and am experiencing this problem. I am determined to not go down to the 1.5 level due to the fact that i already replaced the shocks and went through this process once. Whenever i get a free second to...
  6. ACW141

    help with 2 wheel drive leveling kit!

    Hey guys i had a rough country 2.5 inch leveling kit installed on my 07 1500 2 wheel drive sport, and now have a loud metal on metal clunk from the front end when i go over any type of bump (such as a speed bump) at anything over 5 mph. I took the truck back and they explained to me that "the...
  7. ACW141

    Sub ON my backseat?

    i had two twelves in a ported box just like how you want to set it up, got sick of then sitting up there and sprung for a ported Fox Box for under my seat and improved the bass by a lot and also looks so much cleaner and under the radar.
  8. ACW141

    How To Seatbelt Chime Delete

    I do wear my seatbelt for the most part it's just nice to not have to hear the constant chiming when I'm just riding around the corner
  9. ACW141

    How To Seatbelt Chime Delete

    This mod is to shut off the annoying chimer that activates when you aren't wearing your seatbelt. I got this info from research online so i dont deserve the credit. I only am posting because i couldn't find a thread on it here and hope it can help someone out. The Enhanced Warning System...
  10. ACW141

    06-08 Headlight Disassembly/Paint

    The first headlight took some prying to pop open but the second one opened up really easy. Does anyone know how to remove nightshades from headlight lenses?
  11. ACW141

    06-08 Headlight Disassembly/Paint

    Im pretty sure i used bake at 250 for 10 minutes. I did the job in about half a day (started after lunch) but my deciding factor was the fact nothing but my lights were crome, so for 15 bucks i could try it myself then if i hated it id ride around with ugly/cheap headlights until i could get...
  12. ACW141

    06-08 Headlight Disassembly/Paint

    Yeah I painted the bulb cover (wishing they were color match projectors!) hopefully the paint won't burn off. Also or ram-head be careful to cook the headlights on the lowest shelf or complete bottom of the oven, I accidentally burnt the top of one of my lights by having it too high, and if they...
  13. ACW141

    Advice on eyelids!

    Megahemi06 are you painting your eyelids on directly to the light? What type of color match paint are you using? Do you put clear over it? I really want to do this but want it to be right (or as right as i can make it). Any tips would be helpful!
  14. ACW141

    06-08 Headlight Disassembly/Paint

    What do you think guys?! I know now after doing them that if i did them again they would be a lot better but for a first timer im not complaining! I just wish they had some projectors slapped in there!
  15. ACW141

    06-08 Headlight Disassembly/Paint

    Thinking i might take this on today to give me motivation to start posting my mods! Anyone got any extra tips before i take the plunge? Im still deciding if ill do black with color match flame red rings or just black with color match side marker.
  16. ACW141

    How to install Morimoto Projectors in your 02-05 Headlights

    i think we need a wright up for 07s!!!:)
  17. ACW141

    Bedlined... rockers.

    Plasti dip rocks! Used the hell out of it on my old silverado!
  18. ACW141

    Recently did a few mods

    How are you liking the tint on the front windshield? Am considering doing this myself but don't want to be blind at night. I know I have 8% in the back and backing in at night is nearly impossible
  19. ACW141

    08 demod wheels tires lights....

    150$ light and level?
  20. ACW141

    FS: Pioneer Double Din HU

    Im interested but i dont understand how to make it fit in my 07 with how my dash has the semicircles from the stock radio knobs. Also are the steering wheel controls still useable with this head unit?
  21. ACW141

    DIY: Debadging

    I want to debadge my truck but am worried about possible discoloration of paint behind the badges. Do you think this is something i should be worried about?