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    Tires for '16 Rebel

    I do yearly trips out West for off road exploring (overlanding) and I currently have 40K miles on the stock Toyo's of which about 5,000 miles is specifically off road. I'm very pleased with them and will be going with the Toyo AT3's when it's time to replace the present set of tires.
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    Oil Change frequency

    Do an oil analysis through Blackstone Labs for peace of mind, and to help determine frequency of oil changes.
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    What Air Compressor do you carry

    ViAir. I carry it with the truck when I'm exploring off road and doing overlanding trips.
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    Reducing Combustion chamber/piston top Carbon build up

    GumOut claims to be using PEA, Per their website: REGANE COMPLETE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER Even high-quality fuel can leave behind carbon deposits and corrosion from ethanol and water. Gumout® Regane® Complete Fuel System Cleaner conditions fuel against corrosion to help extend the life of key...
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    Portable air compressor

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    Salt is coming soon I fear

    Fluid Film works and even the dealer was impressed by the almost total absence of rust on the under carriage.
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    Just cancelled Sirius. Is there something better or as good?

    Sirius may be "convenient" but beyond that it deserves to be dropped as a subscription regardless of their "deal packages". They are the worst customer service platform I've ever encountered also. Totally overpriced to those who don't know better. I ditched Sirius in favor of just using...
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    Air Compressor recommendation

    I do a lot of off roading via overlanding exploring (i.e. Utah, Colorado, etc) and the ViAir I have used the past 3 years has worked extremely well. I can inflate four tires (Toyo Open Country 285/75/18) from 25 psi to 55 psi in under 30 minutes (and I've done it in 20 minutes in a rush), and...
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    Anyone use this catch can?

    I'm using the Mishomoto catch can, very easy install and works just fine.
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    Tonneau Cover & sprayed on bed liner

    BedRug and Truxedo tonneau cover.
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    Speaker upgrade

    I upgraded all the speakers, other than the subwoofer, to JL Audio and yes it makes a difference. 2017 Rebel.
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    Ram Active Level air suspension shock upgrade??

    Definitely would be interested, not much info out there.