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  1. shmedley

    2020 Ram 1500 Class SLT Crew Cab Paint bubbling

    Complained a few times, when they said they were going to fix the interior they screwed up I asked about the paint again and got nothing back until I contacted the dealer manager and said I was going to contact the right higher up name in the area at the time and let them know about it. Got a...
  2. shmedley

    2020 Ram 1500 Class SLT Crew Cab Paint bubbling

    I had that issue on my 14 (bought new) on the hood and on the driver fender after a little over 2 years. After numerous times with the dealer the finally got those repainted. Too bad it took them to take the interior apart for a recall with an axe and hammer (broke 3 panels and didn't say...
  3. shmedley

    Amber headlight reflectors

    I am looking for a set of the amber reflectors for quad headlights. When I took my headlights apart due to fogging, I noticed that one of the reflectors was warped/wavy. The were painted over and the paint wasn’t bubbling so they were like it when I bought them, and I did not notice. But now I...
  4. shmedley

    Do you use anti seize or impact drill on your lug nuts

    After having almost all the lug nuts loose on every wheel after a tire rotation at a shop I check/retorque the lugs when I get home I'll use an impact to remove them and living in the Chicago area I don't use anti seize on the lugs.
  5. shmedley

    Mirror swap

    in 13 the temperature sensor was moved to the mirror from under the hood
  6. shmedley

    Uconnect, 2014 LoneStar - voice recognition stopped working for text replies

    Following as I noticed the same thing not that long ago. Haven't updated my radio software in a while
  7. shmedley

    Vasolene on gaskets

    When I've replaced anything with an oring of any kind I use Dow 33, and Dow 55 when the oring might need to swell up a little bit. Had a bunch of it from paintball years ago, but we also use the dow 33 at work when making pneumatic set ups to go into temperature chambers
  8. shmedley

    Mileage discrepancy.

    Stupid question, was the truck running or at least in the on position when you went through the gauges? When my 14 is just in the accessory position it reads 40631 miles since reset. As soon as it's in run position the mileage is correct for the oil change. I bought the truck new. Might be the...
  9. shmedley

    To mod or not to mod

    I bought my 14 in June 2014 and the 8 speed was an option
  10. shmedley

    2006 Dodge Ram SRT 10 Quad Cab best true and proven modifications

    Careful with JTSVP. They screwed my buddies SRT10 up when they did a manual swap in it. Never ran right and had vibrations over 70 from the day he got it back. The vibrations were from a messed up transmission output shaft, not their fault the trans they put in was bad is basically what they...
  11. shmedley

    Whining/howling noise while vehicle is in motion

    Did you happen to replace the antenna or put some window vent visors on the truck?
  12. shmedley

    Ram 1500 Dreadful service expierence continued issues.

    I had the same issue with my paint, but mine was in the middle of the driver side fender along with the hood. The dealer took pictures and then never heard back from them. I would go back in and ask if any news and they were like "we have no record of you and this issue" I even brought it up...
  13. shmedley

    87 or 89 octane

    I never know what or when something will be on the back of my truck so I always run 89 at minimum. If I know I am going to be pulling something long distance I throw 93 in. I fill up every week, needing it or not so most of the time it's not bad.
  14. shmedley

    What Else is In Your Garage

    Glad I'm not the only TD guy here. What's all done to the Daytona? Still running the VNT turbo?
  15. shmedley

    Battery Slowly Draining?

    Where did you get a tester cable?
  16. shmedley

    What do you guys stand on when working under hood?

    I've got a "step stool" that goes over one of the tires that I use when I need it
  17. shmedley

    Battery drain mystery

    My 14 is like this. No major off amp draw on mine. If the truck sits 2 days it needs a jump. It is now on it's 3rd battery and thinking it might get it's 4th soon. The 2 OEM ones both had bad cells
  18. shmedley

    Mirrors with separate blindspot mirror

    Can't go wrong with the @wadestar ones. Have had them for years and love them still. He's a super nice guy and is on the forums here
  19. shmedley

    Why do trucks still come with carpeted floor mats?

    I do weathertech in the winter months and the carpet ones in the summer. I tend to take my shoes off on longer drives and the carpet mats
  20. shmedley

    NAV Activation

    I got a map update through them and it went smoothly and they were fast to reply
  21. shmedley

    Opening in radio bezel in full console

    Maybe ambient lighting kit or something like that
  22. shmedley

    Check your account for wheel alignment coupon!

    the dealers by me are just showing 10% alignments but have 5.00 tires on sale and 5.00 tire rotations
  23. shmedley

    Jscan - better than AlfaOBD?

    That's more of apple having their stuff "locked" then AlfaOBD adding the support. There area lot of devices that will not work right with apple because of this, hence why jailbreaking took off as well as it did
  24. shmedley

    It's (almost) here 8-17-2020

    Hope it's not like how the Dakota 5.9 R/T's were. Having less towing rating then the 5.2 trucks, to the point chrysler was buying them back or giving you money for parts and accessories. I think even the Viper trucks had a low towing rating with the auto and nothing for the 6 speed ones