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  1. shrubs

    Switching to a Chevy or Ford

    Dealerships. Losing sight of taking care of existing customers is always bad ju-ju. Wish my cell phone company would get a clue and treat existing customers in a more meaningful way.
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    Enough is enough!

    Headlights are one thing. The brake lights on my 2015 are weak. The 3rd tail light is better.
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    Battery dead?

    Batteries. Another item that has not improved as new technologies put bigger demands on them. Not just vehicles but electronic devices including phones, tablets etc. Yes, we don't expect a battery to last forever but some sort of reliable longevity would be great. Any electronic related issue...
  4. shrubs

    New Car For My Wife

    Durango. Make sure you keep the maintenance schedule up.
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    Theft is on the rise the key word. Years ago I got "The Club". Have used it on many vehicles. Low cost, old tech, mildly clumsy but still viable. Modern bad guys, stealing, have to be put off by this device. BTW how do I get signed up for the latest in vehicle theft newsletter all the bad guys...
  6. shrubs

    Navigation direction incorrect 2014

    Yup. Check all connections. Check antenna for mounting and cracks. Check for even a tiny amount of moisture in the system. None of this is easy. Software update/other random stuff....only if you can verify that the whole system is perfect. Lots can happen in 9 years.
  7. shrubs

    Hard Water Stains on my Windshield

    CLR works cleaning my 12 cup glasss coffee pot. Maybe a windshield too. YMMV.
  8. shrubs

    Hard Water Stains on my Windshield

    In my situation, I had good results with glass top stove cleaner.
  9. shrubs

    Fuel mileage

    What in m.p. g. numbers are you looking for?
  10. shrubs

    Battery dying sitting in the driveway

    Battery issue likely. I find that to be a culprit in many cases.Either compel the dealer for a replacement or just flat out get one on your own. Batteries in later model vehicles IMO, are not very long term. Save your receipts. Know your battery warranty. I would staple the warranty and the...
  11. shrubs

    GPS out of whack

    Double check all connections all the way to the antenna. Inspect the antenna. Water anywhere, even almost unseen, can make things wonky. Intermittently or long term. If all those checks and inspections pass, then keep on going to software.
  12. shrubs

    A Lot of Weird Service Suggestions?

    We cut and added a CAF to my son's 2015. There are posts on that all over the web. I thought the 1a auto video was good and followed it. My concern was keeping the condenser coil clean over air quality. Brake fluid. Definitely keep it fairly fresh. Bought a 10 year old vehicle, and after a few...
  13. shrubs

    Would you plug this tire?

    @CheechDogg.On37s ....many carpenters say "measure twice, cut once". Can that be disputed?
  14. shrubs

    Would you plug this tire?

    Post #31 says it all. The "fly in the ointment" as they say, is the shop. I.e. I doubt the majority of tire shops have a spreader and/or someone on staff that has been trained to inspect such a tire. We live in a litigious society so I doubt any shop would be willing to expose themselves-safer...
  15. shrubs

    Military Roll Call!!

    USAF Air Traffic Controller. Used that money to further a flying career. Now a retired 737 Airline Captain.
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    2015 1500 hemi finally needing tires....what are your suggestions & providers?

    I used to buy tires for years at Costco. Never again. Why? Had 2 bad experiences with them. The worst one-Installer cracked a magnesium rim. The final straw was having a warranty issue, got no support. Manager gave me the Michelin 800 number to call. Said I had to prove tires were rotated...
  17. shrubs

    Amazon brand vs Name brand

    I would figure on how annoying a product failure would be especially at the wrong time. Save a few $, and saddle yourself with stress may not be a great strategy. On items that could fail at the wrong time, I opt for a known product, and if $ is an issue, I try to find some sort of discount...
  18. shrubs

    Best Mods for under $100 (5th Gen Edition)

    A bottle of Windex and a cleaning cloth. Good for windows, bird **** and glasses. The list continues……
  19. shrubs

    Bad noise when I am not pushing the pedal

    I think the posts above by Oliver and GT have merit. Amazingly fluid levels and/or new fluid is an easy fix that…..sometimes…. make a a huge difference. If for nothing else, as part of troubleshooting, fluid levels and fluid quality squares are verified.
  20. shrubs

    How to trade-in/sell truck to dealership?

    The dealership will buy/trade low sell high-probably at an auction. Common business sense. Fixing your issues cheaper than the huge new vehicle price tag? My 28 yr. old daughter sold what many lookers pooh poohed for exactly what she asked. With flaws. Just took patience. Me? I would fix it...
  21. shrubs

    3 months down and counting

    I used to buy into the supply chain/covid slow response but I had some work done and the shop never resorted to excuses. My fix with parts was done in a timely manner. Everything used to be blamed on 911. What’s next?
  22. shrubs

    Another noob install. Help

    I only call when I guess a A team person is accessible. M-F 9-3 their time. Try Crutchfield again and maybe luck out.
  23. shrubs

    Tire pressure

    To the OP. See post #2 above and more. Tire pressure is only a part of many items that will help with fuel economy. Whatever number you choose, check the tire pressure manually, frequently. Checking each tire, frequently, IMO, is better than relying on TPMS only. Driving habits for any driver...
  24. shrubs

    Anyone use Spotify for music?

    Paid Pandora. Spotify for 6 mos. free. I check on the net to look for ways to try and optimize either.
  25. shrubs

    Dead engine replacement through warrany, should I accept remanufacterd replacement?

    Be patient. Read up on anything related to the process. Ask a few pointed questions as needed. Be respectful and humble to the service people. A few glitches may come up being the result of a big process like an engine swap.