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  1. Brandon-w

    4wd engaging by itself

    Could be moisture in the t case shift motor.
  2. Brandon-w

    My darkened taillights are once again bright red

    #murica land of the free... Ish lol
  3. Brandon-w

    My darkened taillights are once again bright red

    Next time hit it with some carb cleaner on a rag. Takes vht right off I did my badges and wheels with it for that purpose just a Simple wipe if it needs to go
  4. Brandon-w

    No start, no bus. TIPM and BCM replaced

    I'm with jws ground or battery issue makes these trucks go nuts.
  5. Brandon-w

    Armored catalyst !

    I mean u probly could but remember if you have the tool or sawzall the cable will likely be more an issue for you than anyone else. Thicken the metal put a cage around it most things work better. People have tested the wraps and the cables they don't work against the common crackhead who's...
  6. Brandon-w

    Armored catalyst !

    No you're absolutely right. If I was a criminal I'd either steal it or burn it down out of spite. But that's just me lmao.
  7. Brandon-w

    Armored catalyst !

    SteelRope is pretty easy just need enough to get the cutter through it and cut both ends it'll slide right ouda the cable. Slide your laser tools 7660 cutter in there tighten it on and start rocking it back n fourth falls out with almost no noise Hahaha
  8. Brandon-w

    Armored catalyst !

    Hahaha wow.... Grabs bolt cutters. 5 minutes later.... No cats. Best way to prevent theft is a cat delete :)
  9. Brandon-w

    Clicking noise

    Does it do it more when turning or anything? May be a cv axle if it only happens while moving
  10. Brandon-w

    H pipe or x pipe help reduce clapper exhaust noise?

    That sounds decent. Spintech makes some cool mufflers too. Buddy has two people on his 70s demon. Loud as hell but it's a "muffler" cobs crawl under shake their head and let him go.
  11. Brandon-w

    H pipe or x pipe help reduce clapper exhaust noise?

    If worse comes to worse add a muffler but if you plan on future mods the exhaust will support it no problem
  12. Brandon-w

    H pipe or x pipe help reduce clapper exhaust noise?

    One problem with getting rid of raspy exhaust is now you'll have great drone
  13. Brandon-w

    H pipe or x pipe help reduce clapper exhaust noise?

    I'm running 3.5 inch y pipe into a single and the Split into 3 inch duals. I put the muffler back on a couple years ago due to towing trailer and massive amounts of noise giving me headaches after 8 hrs drive haha
  14. Brandon-w

    H pipe or x pipe help reduce clapper exhaust noise?

    Up your pipe size. It's science. Too small the pulses hit eachother and roll in the pipes. Sounds stupid but visualize it as 8 pulses of water in a pipe that are backing up fighting for their position to exit constantly compressing and expanding on eachother.
  15. Brandon-w

    1994 1500 gas tank

    Try some PRC aircraft fuel tank sealer. Inside and out. 60 bux u can get it in a Tube or can. Used it on my old quad two years ago and it's been perfect. If u need I'll find a link later. It's a 3m or ppg product I Beleive
  16. Brandon-w

    Weird 4x4 issues

    Could be the indicator sensor on the t case it's self. Not sure if they're like the old chevies in this case but if they are there's a ball and detent system that detects being in a certian gear id look into that first. Do you have alfaobd?
  17. Brandon-w

    What size bolts on catalytic converter?

    I Wana say it's 3/8 but it's been a lomg time since I messed with a cat.
  18. Brandon-w

    Help! 04 5.7 engine wiring harness cut, 05 work?

    That looks like a very easy fix. Just some wire extensions, shrink tube and solder. 5 bux your fixed and rockin again.
  19. Brandon-w

    Low oil pressure after warm up!!!

    Have you tried hooking a mechanical Gauge to an oil Port to ensure its a pressure problem not a electronic glitch.
  20. Brandon-w

    Hemi exhaust manifold

    Headers. Jba, afe or American racing headers are to name a few decent brands. Stay away from The cheap Chinese stuff like bbk, their warranty is non existent and their welds leak after a couple Months. Nothin like paying and doing it twice haha.
  21. Brandon-w

    Cam phaser question

    I'm gonna guess and say if the melling phaser didn't say it had the limiter installed or give you an idea of what degrees it's set for I'd assume it's stock jist for safety sake. You could look it up and see if it says safe for aftermarket cams but it's likely you'll need the cam Phaser limiter...
  22. Brandon-w

    Push rod out too far to install rocker arm

    Yeah turn the motor over slowly by hand see if they come down. Once you get the rockers back on rotate the engine three or four times completely by hand, this ensures there is no binding or valve to piston contact. If the engine binds up at all you know there's an issue, don't force anything...
  23. Brandon-w

    Rough Country Exhaust (96009)

    I went with Afe and Havnt looked back. Last rough country item I bought was so cheap and crappy I wouldn't even run my engine with it. Their intakes are sketchy to say the least, not saying the exhaust isn't any good but if it reflects any workmanship like the intake did you'd be buying Honda...
  24. Brandon-w

    New Ram, How to disable all the annoying electronics?

    Was jist gonna post this. It covers alot, I have one and love the features.