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  1. LemmysDad

    Touch up bumper paint?

    Yeah I feel like it’s the worst powder coat ever. I have the silver and black bumper and the coat has many “chips” or flakes in it. May just plastic coat mine all black. Was wondering about touch up paint for it now I know lol.
  2. LemmysDad

    Love this 1500

    Had an 07 Mega Cab 1500, 18 Sport 1500 Night Edition and now a 22 Rebel. Love them all. Absolutely loved the MC until my daughter wrote it off (it kept her safe so very happy for that). The Sport and now the Rebel make me smile every time I drive.
  3. LemmysDad

    bell rings three times

    Not to be disagreeable but my truck does the same three chimes at start up and I live about 20km on a backroad out of a town that has only one stop light with no red light camera. It does three chimes when I do venture into the city with red light cameras everywhere. Freaked me out when it first...
  4. LemmysDad

    Sucks to be poor - Rant

    Good wife.
  5. LemmysDad

    Ambient lighting dial

    I think you can change that in settings. If you have it set to auto your dash/interior lights dim/brighten at designated times and I believe it overrides the ambient light dial. In manual you can dim/brighten as needed.
  6. LemmysDad

    Jack stands

    My wife holds my truck up while I work under it. I can trust her, right???
  7. LemmysDad

    Speech recognition

    Turn off voice recognition in settings. Unless you’re inadvertently hitting the “voice” button on the steering wheel.
  8. LemmysDad

    What windshield washing fluid do you use?

    My son ran out once so we made some with some soapy water and moonshine I made a while back. Worked well but his truck smelled like 150 proof every time he used it. But it didn’t freeze in minus stoopid cold.
  9. LemmysDad

    What windshield washing fluid do you use?

    Do you use rubbing alcohol to keep it from freezing? Or does it have antifreeze in it? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live where things don’t freeze lol.
  10. LemmysDad

    ERS Mode Issue?

    2022 Rebel with approximately 25000km on it. Twice in the past week my truck has gone into ERS mode on its own while I was accelerating. Once from a 50kmh zone to an 80kmh zone and once coming out of my driveway onto a plowed but snowy road. Both times in 4WD Auto. The first occurrence the tires...
  11. LemmysDad

    Ram Connect not playing nice with UConnect 5

    Have had some of the same issues mentioned previously. Recently, I’ve been trying to renew my convenience package for the Ram connect app. I started the process in late December 2022. To date, due to unresolved technical issues on their end I have not been able to renew. It’s been almost over a...
  12. LemmysDad

    Ever have a RAM that you regret getting rid of?

    Had an 07 MegaCab. Daughter wrote it off. She was ok truck was not. I was sad. Lol.
  13. LemmysDad

    Anybody else get an occasional 'ding' while driving?

    Three dings = red light camera warning on nav system. Just found that out after driving around the city that I normally seldom drive in.
  14. LemmysDad

    New Rams 0W-20 now !

    My 22 Rebel 5.7 calls for 0W20 on the fill cap. So I filled it with 5W30 and a bottle of liquid moly. Slept well that night and every one after that. May put 5W20 in for the winter at my upcoming oil change. PUP Full Synthetic on the regular with the RP 20-820 filter. Ran 5W20 PUP with Mopar SRT...
  15. LemmysDad

    Chipmunks in engine bay

    Oh with regard to moth balls… Have you ever smelled them? How’d you get their tiny legs open. :happy175::happy175:
  16. LemmysDad

    Chipmunks in engine bay

    Irish Spring Original Scent bar soap. Repels mice and rats might work on the tree variety varmints as well. And I like it too…….
  17. LemmysDad

    Rear door speaker upgrade made all the difference!

    The subwoofer is located on the cab wall behind the rear seat backrest in the 5th gens. The 4th gens were under the rear passenger seat.
  18. LemmysDad

    Rear door speaker upgrade made all the difference!

    Thanks FL-RAM. I’m in Canada so our penny dollar puts that at 200-250. Lol
  19. LemmysDad

    Rear door speaker upgrade made all the difference!

    Which model of Infinity Refs are you using 9632 or 9633?
  20. LemmysDad

    iPhone vs USB Source 1 & 2

    Any update on this? I have the same issue with my 22 Rebel.
  21. LemmysDad

    Rear door speaker upgrade made all the difference!

    On Crutchfield Canada website it warns that the volume will be lower with the Infinity Reference REF9632ix 2-way speakers. Anyone know anything about this from knowledge and/or experience? Or are people putting REF9633ix in the rear doors?
  22. LemmysDad

    LineX, Toolbox, Bedmat and Tonneau Cover

    I just got my 22 Rebel about a month and a half ago. I had factory liner in my 2018 and it greyed a bit, but not terribly and the tire wash in the coin carwash cleaned it up considerably. That being said, I went with Rhino liner through my dealer because apparently there is a shortage of the...
  23. LemmysDad

    What is Ram Connect?

    Replaces Uconnect app
  24. LemmysDad

    weather app wont load

    So to be clear, I delete my profile to get my weather app to work and then my truck won’t greet me anymore? That’ll make me sad.
  25. LemmysDad

    Husky Liner Gearbox

    Looking for some advice here. I have a 2022 Ram Rebel 1500. I’m looking at the Husky Liner Gearbox for the rear underseat storage. There are two models listed, one for truck with underseat storage and one without. I have the OEM fold down type storage but no “real” storage under my seat. Does...